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As you may know, there is going to be a new moon on the 9th of this month. It is just days away and with that, we should all be prepared.

This whole new moon in itself will be pushing us towards new opportunities and bringing forth success in many ways. It will be the jumpstart we have all been waiting for if we use the energies behind it properly. Positive change will abundant during this time and you will not have to force anything.

Below I am going to go over a new moon ritual you can do on the night of this new moon if you truly want to harness the power behind it. This ritual will allow you to be more capable of turning your dreams into reality. It will put you on the path that you need to be on. While you may already know what your heart is calling out to you do not know how to find it just yet. This new moon could and most likely will change everything.

Virgo New Moon Ritual For Manifesting Your Desires:

Things Needed:

Some Kind of Smudging Stick
Relaxed Environment (Outdoors)
Incense or Essential Oils
Earthy Patch and Small Shovel


Find a place outdoors that you are free to be alone with Nature. Set out a blanket or something of the sort and dig yourself a small hole in the ground. Smudge the area and the hole you have created as well as your own body. Sit down and meditate for a moment. Really allow yourself to relax.

Light some incense or rub some essential oils nearby. Get the scent you really like all around you so that you are able to equate this night with that scent. If it is already too dark to write don’t hesitate to bring some candles and light those as needed. Lying on the blanket or sitting (whichever you prefer) write out all that you wish to accomplish in the weeks to come.

Think of any and everything you wish to manifest. What do you desire the most and what steps need to be taken to get there? Write this all out. Do not rush it, think things through and only write what you truly wish for.

Once you have written all of this out seal it in the envelope and out loud ask the universe to help you manifest all that is within the envelope. Bury the envelope in the hole you had previously dug and then give yourself a moment to thank the universe for hearing you out.

From here you have completed the ritual and can clean things up and go about your night. After this I strongly suggest a moonbath of some kind to replenish your energy. While it is just a new moon, it still brings forth its own energies that we can all work with.

Image via New Moon Manifesting