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As you may know, there is going to be a new moon in Virgo very soon. It is coming up on the 9th of September and with it, we will be gaining a lot of new energies.

The new moon to come will be in Virgo and that means we will all be pushed to find success and focus on the opportunities before us. While this new moon will be opposite Neptune which might bring forth some fear, all will be fine if you keep making your way forward. Jupiter sextile Pluto brings positive change and you will be seeing the natural development of something quite powerful.

During this new moon, working within will really help you on your journey. Below I am going to go over a new moon ritual that should be used for this amazing energetically charged event. While you might not have all night to spare, if you spend a little bit of your time getting this ritual done, you will feel much better than you have been in the weeks to come.

Virgo New Moon magic Ritual:

Things Needed:

3 Candles (and something to light the candles with)

Smudging Stick (sage, white sage, or whatever you like)

A Small Shovel (or you can use your hand)

A Patch Of Earth (this could be in a pot or an actual section of ground)

A Flower (preferably a large one)


Now, sitting outside under the darkness of the new moonlight your candles as well as your smudge stick. Smudge the area and sit comfortably with the Earth before you. Smudge your body while sitting and close your eyes and really allow yourself to relax. From here using either your free hand or a shovel, dig a small hole in that Earth before you.

Smudge the hole ever so slightly and put out the smudging stick. Invite the universe and all it comes with into your arms right now. Ask it to provide you strength in the weeks to come and ask it to really help you drive to where you need to be. Take in several breathes and really allow the universe to answer back.

Once you have done this hold the flower in your hands and pull the petals off one by one all the while remaining centered in yourself. Place those petals and the remains of that flower into the hole and pour cover them. Speak out loud that you are releasing the things holding you back and are ready to move forward. Now blow out the candles and take everything in.

From this moment forward you are free of baggage and ready to move on. You can move forward now in any way you see fit. How do you feel?

Image via Soul Travel Rules