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Times are a changin’ subpar men, and women are DONE dealing with the mess. In a short, 3-minute TikTik, Ashlee explains why women are fed up with men who do just the bare minimum.

Ashlee, who has a TikTok account under the handle ‘@thenarcandme’ also took to Psychology Today to write a long and in-depth article entitled ‘The Rise of the Lonely, Single Men.’ In her article, she explains the research which shows that more and more modern heterosexual men are losing out on opportunities to date women. The reason? Well, they are slacking in pretty much every category.

“I can’t speak for all women, but I can speak for myself,” Ashlee said. “And what I believe to be happening is we are done with men who treat us like shit. We are done with men who lie to us. We are done with men who manipulate us, who gaslight us, and whose words don’t match their actions. We are done with men who think we should be their mothers.”

When she said this, when I say I felt this in my heart, I mean it.

She continues by explaining how men will be emotionally unavailable yet still want a woman to take care of them while giving nothing in return. While they claim they want a strong woman in one breath, when they get one, they don’t know how to handle her. Basically, men want a woman who checks all the boxes, while simultaneously checking NONE.

Of course, women are just tired of this. We want partners who are strong, who are loving, who are loyal, and who are motivated. We don’t want to pick up your slack and we sure as hell don’t want to be your mom. We need a partner, not another child. If you agree with her, I highly suggest you watch the TikTok. She hits the nail right on the head![/

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