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Learn this from water: loud splashes the brook, but the ocean’s depths are calm.” – Buddha

How would you handle no phone, no television, no reading, no books or magazines, no writing in a journal, no distractions, and no contact with the people who normally keep you engaged with the world outside your head for ten straight days?

How about no physical acts, no masturbation, and no killing even a mosquito that buzzes around your head after it happily sucks blood from your armpit?

If this sounds like heaven or hell to you – you’re right. It’s both.

A Vipassana retreat is not the way to dip a toe into hardcore meditation and spiritual contemplation. It’s more like diving, headfirst, into a frigid lake. It’s a shock to the system. It can make you question your sanity within the first hours you arrive, but if you stick it out, you just might discover that you find your sanity.