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While it might sound a bit odd adding a little bit of white vinegar to your laundry might give them the things you feel they’re lacking. It might not be something everyone is interested in but if you want soft laundry it could be your best bet.

The Washington Times when speaking to Becky Rapinchuk who is the founder of the Clean Mama website learned that adding white vinegar to the laundry is something she does. Becky does this because it is more natural and works just as good if not better than other products you’d get for the same reason. According to Becky, all you need is a quarter-cup of distilled white vinegar, it would go exactly where your fabric softener would. 

Becky touted when speaking to The Washington Post that doing this “softens the towels, gets rid of any bacteria, and keeps my washing machine smelling like nothing, which is what you want.” It should also be noted that white vinegar can help keep your white clothes and fabrics overall whiter instead of having to use bleach. Sure, a lot of people are quick to jump into just bleaching their white loads but you don’t have to that route.

Adding white vinegar to your laundry can also help get rid of those smells you struggle with and is a must because it’s lacking when it comes to harsh chemicals. White vinegar has tons of uses and when mixed with baking soda can also be used as a metal scrub, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, and even carpet deodorizer, according to Dr. Mercola. He also noted that if you want your ‘homemade’ fabric softener to be scented just add about 10-20 drops of your preferred essential oil to the white vinegar itself (1-gallon jug). 

White vinegar is truly something special as it has seemingly unlimited different uses and when used in your laundry softens, whitens, brightens, and kills odors. To learn more about all of this and the benefits adding white vinegar to your laundry can offer you take a look at the video below. I won’t be going without it now, that’s for sure. When it comes to cleaning for me the more natural route is always the best way to go. As someone with sensitive skin, natural is almost always safer for me.