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This week is going to pull us all over the place but not in the ways most think. We are going to be looking deeper into things and really siding with our hearts more than ever.

Venus for those who might not know is the planet that rules over Love and Money. It is a planet that brings forth a lot of optimism and helps us figure out just what it is that makes us happy. On the 21st, Venus will be trine Pluto and really bringing a lot of intensity forth. We will be seeing the light side and the dark side all the while becoming more passionate than ever.

From there on the 24th Venus will also end up being trine Saturn. This meaning that our loyalty will be tested. We will be noticing some serious extremes and perhaps you will realize where you’ve been messing up in more ways than most would have expected. Opening up now might be a good idea whether you feel like it is or not. Below I am going to go over some of the things Venus will be helping us with this week, don’t let these things go unnoticed.

7 Ways Venus Will Help You In Life And Love This Week:

1. You will be exploring karmic bonds.

Rather than ignoring the issues that are coming forth, you’re going to be exploring them. Working through karmic bonds is not easy and is something you’ve been putting off for too long. Doing this will help you move forward on the right foot.

2. You will be focusing on the people that you care the most about.

There are people in this world that you care about a lot, while you sometimes let them slip through the cracks Venus won’t allow that anymore. While Venus’ energies are present, you’re going to be paying a lot more attention to the people in your life.

3. You’re outgoing side will begin to shine.

As we move forth this week, your outgoing side will begin showing itself more and more. You will really be breaking the mold and working in a way that you normally would not. While putting yourself out there can be hard, this week will make more than you could imagine happen.

4. You’re going to be trying new things and perhaps bringing out the adventurous side in yourself.

Trying new things in life can be very important. This week for many of us will show us exactly that. Stop letting other people hold you back or being too afraid to give things a go. We all have to be willing to fall before we learn to fly, this is just a part of life.

5. Getting things done all the while pursuing happiness will become a priority.

Normally, you overlook happiness and just try to get things done. This week though, doing both will be important to you. You will want to be content while doing whatever it is the world is placing before you.

6. You will realize how important stability truly is.

Stability is important. While you tend to hold back and sometimes jump the gun in areas that you shouldn’t, working on thinking things through and taking the steps needed to accomplish your goals is crucial for a lot of reasons. Life is short and you deserve to be comfortable within reason.

7. Self-care will end up being highlighted, big time.

Venus will bring self-care to the forefront and keep us all in line. We will be helping one another by helping ourselves. Again, life is short, and we all need to be willing to slow down here and there. Tomorrow is not promised, be happy while you’ve got the chance.