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On Sunday, December 12, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter will all align in the sky above, providing us with a beautiful show. And not only will this be a beautiful site to behold, it will also bring deeper meaning to our lives.

In astrology, each of the planetary bodies represents a different type of energy. Venus represents our emotional endeavors, love, beauty and pleasure. Saturn rules over authority, structure, and rules. Neptune is the ruler of dreams, our vision, our creativity and our spiritual endeavors. Uranus symbolizes rebellion and breaking free from the status quo. Jupiter is the ruler of expansion.

With all of that being said, these planets aligning means something very important, as do all astronomical events. Just two weeks ago, we saw how the solar eclipse brought major change to our lives and fated events that cannot be avoided. And while it’s likely we are all feeling impacted by its energy in some way, we can expect this alignment to shake things up as well.

The major theme in the alignment of the energies of Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter is that we are going to be pushed to look at our structures, governments, and authorities in a new light and from a new perspective. Now is the time to truly touch base with ourselves on a spiritual and emotional level, rather than taking action, so we can view our current life structures and expand them in a productive manner.

If Mars were aligning, rather than Venus, we would be having an entirely different means of using this energy to our advantage. But, there again, we are not being pushed towards action, but instead, we are being pushed to reexamine how outside energies affect our inner stability.

Take time to meditate on how the world around you is making you feel, and whether it is helping or hindering your growth. This is an amazing opportunity to understand not only ourselves, but our reactions.