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Venus officially went retrograde on October 5th and energies have been building ever since. As we begin moving through the month things are really beginning to reach intense levels.

Chances are over the past few days you’ve felt quite interesting. You most likely have noticed a sense of discomfort that you might not consider to be familiar. As the days go by you are going to be noticing a lot of tension building and plenty of changes coming about.

While times might be moving forward you are going to be feeling as if things are going backward. This time period is going to teach you to love yourself more so than you have ever loved yourself before. Repeating challenges might be coming forth and if you don’t finally learn the lessons before you during this time, they could escape your grasp forever.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to some of the problems you may face during this time:

Venus opposite Uranus (4°23′) usually signals a change in your love life. If you already have a partner, then an unexpected event may cause a lot of upset tension. Perhaps your partner rejects your need for a change or excitement in the bedroom. Even flirting may lead to some drama in the relationship. A healthy relationship would endure such transgressions and a permanent separation would be unlikely. An affair at this time would more likely lead to a rapid separation.

If dating, a new romance now would certainly be exciting. It is most likely, however, that it would be a short-lived relationship. But if you are the unorthodox type and need your freedom, a new relationship with a similar person could even lead to marriage. As Uranus rules the internet, you could fulfill your need for a change through internet dating or other stuff.

Whatever your situation, if love is not an option then change and excitement can manifest in another area of life. Financial windfalls are possible but take extra care with your money. Beware of a tendency to risk it all on suspect schemes or gamble it all away. You could easily find stimulation some other way such as gaming or another form of entertainment.

This month is going to bring forth a lot of pleasure but also a lot of exploration. Venus for those who might not be aware is a planet of love and finances. Through the energies before us, we can transform our lives into something far more positive than we ever imagined. To learn more about this please feel free to check out the video below.

(Image Via: code404/Pixabay)