Venus might be in Libra right now but it will be going into Scorpio on October 8th which is coming up very soon. When Venus is in Scorpio we all become much more intense and for many that is a very positive thing. 

Venus in Scorpio makes all of us more willing to commit and really shows us how deep our emotions run. Things we think are shallow turn out to be rooted much further than expected. When Venus is in Scorpio romance is not lacking for most and there is no fighting it.

Below I am going to go over what Venus in Scorpio could mean for each zodiac sign this go-around. While some of these things are going to be very tough to face, they’re going all help us grow together in new ways. Whether you’re working through some issues of your own or helping someone else overcome theirs, change is coming.


While Venus is in Scorpio you’re going to be more willing to open up for once. It’s going to be a stressful process to really let others in but one that will allow you to finally settle down in the ways you’ve been incapable of doing for so long. Perhaps someone unexpected really is about to sweep you off of your feet.


While Venus is in Scorpio you’re going to feel pretty out of whack. You’re going to be working hard to be as patient as possible whether it’s something you can manage or not. Remember, controlling your emotions isn’t going to be easy but it is something that has to be done.


While Venus is in Scorpio you are going to be asking yourself a lot of questions. You need to work to pay better attention to yourself as well as the people around you. Someone is about to reveal to you something you need to take to heart, stop cutting others off.


While Venus is in Scorpio you’re going to be very emotional, more-so than usual. While you’re going to feel as though the whole world is throwing you out for good, holding your head high is the key to moving forward. The more willing you are to sit down and talk things out the more you will be able to work through.


While Venus is in Scorpio you have to work to express your emotions more properly. In the past, you’ve been far too closed off and it has held you back in more ways than you might realize right now. The more you work to express yourself in a productive manner the easier it’s going to be for you to finally settle down.


While Venus is in Scorpio you are going to come to terms with a lot of things that have been bothering you lately. You’re about to have someone come into your life that makes you rethink the way in which you’ve been living. While this might be a very good thing, it’s not going to feel very good in the moment.


While Venus is in Scorpio you’re not going to be able to get much done. Someone special is going to be on your mind and you’re going to be focusing on making things right with him/her. Sure, you’re a confident person and you’ve been through a lot but that doesn’t mean your love life is as you would like for it to be. 


When Venus is in Scorpio you are much more powerful than you normally would be. You’re able to really allow your charisma to shine and show those around you what you’re all about. In the world of love, things are going to be quite fun for you over the next few days, to say the least.


While Venus is in Scorpio you’re going to feel much flightier than usual. You know that you’re stuck somewhere you do not belong and it is really tearing you down. Stop fighting and just allow yourself to move on. 


While Venus is in Scorpio you’re going to be feeling as if you need some change. Your needs in recent times have not been being met and it’s been causing you stress on a level you cannot handle. As frustrating as it might be to deal with, there has to come a time when you realize ‘enough is enough.’


While Venus is in Scorpio you’re going to be aiming for the stars and trying your luck with someone who you think is out of your league. You deserve a lot more than you realize and proving your worth shouldn’t be what you feel like you have to do. You’re a great person with a great personality and you need to work to see that more properly.


While Venus is in Scorpio you’re going to be feeling as if everything is falling apart because a lot of work is needed in your romantic life. Sure, this is going to be hard on you an all involved but it will benefit everyone once all is said and done. Work through the problems that you have within your relationship and move forth with proper footing.

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