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This month is not going to be an easy one to face. All of the zodiac signs are going to be going through changes that some of them may in a number of ways not be able to handle.

Venus is currently in Pisces and will remain there until moving into Aries on April 20th. Venus is a very powerful planet that brings about a lot of warmth. It when in Pisces can become a bit frustrating but also is not as damning as most make it out to be.

We should all be doing our best to make the most of the things to come. Since our eyes will be much more open we will be able to see others in a more idealistic light which can be both good and bad. Everything will be shown in its rawest form and from there we can make the efforts we need to make. Both Pisces and Venus are quite intense and the energies we’re under fire from will not be easy to endure, but they will be worth experiencing.

Venus the planet of love, when paired with Pisces the sign of compassion and intuition, brings forth some very interesting energies. Some signs will be listening to their hearts and moving forward but others will be really fighting the changes to come and holding themselves back. Below I am going to go over each sign and what they should be expecting as this transit is made. Whether you listen to the things below could be the difference in growing in love or falling out of it.


You’re going to be feeling like something is pulling you away from the person you care the most about. Do not act without thinking things through. While you may feel one way that doesn’t mean there is anything going on. Be as rational as possible. Jumping to conclusions without the full story can and will ruin your relationship if you allow it to.


While Venus is in Pisces you’re going to be feeling pretty off kilter. Money is going to be weighing heavily on your mind and you’re going to feel as if getting ahead is impossible. Perhaps giving yourself some time to relax is going to benefit even those around you. The stress you’re under is straining your relationship.


You need security right now more than ever and your current partner is not being as willing to help with that as he or she should be. Everything is going to be spinning in and out of control for the days to come and you need to do your best to react less and think more. During this time period confiding in someone close to you might really allow you to get a new needed perspective on things. Your partner is facing something he or she might not be able to open up about just yet and you need to give them time. We are all affected by things like this in our own ways.


You are someone who often wastes too much time and gives those who do not deserve your efforts far too many of them. Stop allowing the people you care for to walk all over you. Use this time wisely and allow it to show you the true colors of the people you call friends. You deserve better and if you cut ties now, eventually ‘better’ will find you.


You are going to be living it up in the days to come and really going all out. During this time as hard as it may be you need to remind yourself that your needs are not the only ones that matter. The people around you are feeling neglected and eventually, they will move on if you allow them to sink too deeply.


Stop being scared and really take the time to put yourself out there. Your emotions are not something you need to hide from right now. Everything is falling into place and you need to make sure the people who love you know how you feel. You don’t want to end up on top but alone, bring those who care about you to your level and help them rise in the ways you know they can.


If you’ve been feeling down and out lately there is a reason why. You are beginning to feel the pain that comes with love and it is not something you want to go through. Perhaps you’re wasting your time on the person you’re currently with? Reevaluating your relationship might be necessary, is ‘this’ worth it?


Sure, you love to chase passion but is passion something you need right now? You should be focusing your attention on the deeper aspects of your relationships and situations. Spend some time getting things in order and stop wasting time. You cannot just jump from one thing to the next right now.


Stop closing yourself off, now is the time to open up. You’re not putting your best foot forward and it shows. Sure, you want things to last but you’re not doing what needs to be done in order to make that happen. Stop causing failed relationships and then playing the victim. Your cold heart is setting you up in ways you might not yet see, try letting some of that ice melt away before it’s too late.


Now is the time to focus on yourself. You are the kind of person that goes all out for the people you care for and it has gotten you nowhere. Your own well-being matters and you need to do your best to remember that.


While this will not be easy, it is crucial. Sit down and talk things out with the people in your life. Communication has not been your strong point lately and it shows. Now is the best time for you to get everything out in the open. Do not hold back, be as raw as possible.


Stop trying to make everyone else as bold as you. Start accepting the people in your life as they are. You cannot expect people to love you when you refuse to even see them for who they are. Your charm can only get you to a certain place before it holds you back and I believe you are in that place right now.