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Right now Venus is in Aquarius and will remain there until January when it enters Pisces on the 13th. This meaning that for now, you’re gaining some energies that you need to be putting to good use in your life.

Venus for those who do not know is the planet that rules over things like love and money. She is a Goddess who is very controlling but also very freeing in more ways than most people stop to realize. When in Aquarius, her energies become quite intense and push us to focus on growing ourselves drastically.

The more open-minded you are during this time period the better. Allow your mind to wander towards the future and take in all you can. Do not let yourself become overwhelmed, just relax and see where this wave of energy takes you. You might find that right now you’re trying to attract more people into your life and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you continue to properly reinforce your own personal boundaries.

In regards to these energies as a whole wrote as follows:

Venus is the planet that guides our desires, our money, and our one-on-one relationships. Because Aquarius is the sign of friendship, it seems like its energy would work quite well with that of loving Venus. But Aquarius can be an emotionally detached sign, which could put a confusing spin on love and intimate relationships while Venus spends time here!

Venus in Aquarius is a time to love with purpose and uphold the ideals of unity, kindness, and individuality. We’re called on now to surround ourselves with others and open our minds to all forms of love.

The line between love and friendship is very thin once Venus enters Aquarius! Aquarius rules friendship and groups of all kinds, so during this transit, we often find ourselves falling for people we already know. We may realize those we’ve previously written off as “just friends” could be our perfect match. The likelihood of meeting a new lover through mutual friends and social outings also increases greatly while Venus is in Aquarius.

Aquarius is less attached to its emotions than other signs, relying more on the head than the heart when relating to others. We aren’t so interested in connecting over passionate encounters and sweet nothings while Venus is in Aquarius — instead, we want to unite with those who think the same as we do. Aquarius’ loose grip on love gives Venus room to move, making love less sticky and partnership less confining. Those who like the warm and squishy stuff might find others a bit standoffish during this transit. However, the Aquarian approach is less possessive and can bring a needed breath of reason and fresh air to partnerships.

During this time period, you might notice that you are more drawn to your passions than usual. You’re finally ready to put yourself out there whether people like you for who you are or not. The more abundant these energies become in your life the more prevalent their use should be. Start small and see where you end up, this transformation is one you’ve been needing. Perhaps the coming year will be better on you than realize.