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As of the 21st Venus is finally in Aries. While this might not sound like much, it is going to provide us with much-needed energy and a chance to accomplish more in major life areas.

Venus will remain present in the sign Aries until the 14th of April when it enters Taurus. When Venus is in the sign Aries we are focusing more on relationships but also allowing our headstrong side to take the lead. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on where you are in life and love as a whole. wrote as follows about the energies that come out to play when these two celestial energies find their way to one another:

When Venus moves through Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, it offers us all a chance to make a fresh start in matters of love, money, and self-awareness. Old patterns and lackluster relationships have no place anymore once Venus enters Aries. Instead, we thrive on new experiences and adventurous encounters, and we’re more spontaneous in our pursuit of pleasure.

Aries is a highly independent sign that is largely focused on itself and its own interests. Therefore, love and relationships can sometimes seem selfish or imbalanced during Venus’ transit through Aries. But for the single lover, this can be an amazing time to identify your own needs and explore your options — Venus in Aries ignites a courageous fire under us that makes us more confident and assertive when meeting and interacting with others. And for those in relationships, exploring each other’s personal desires and experiencing new things together is a surefire way to reignite the fire between you. So while it seems like there’s a very self-centered air to Venus in Aries, it’s really about enhancing your love life by way of yourself.

In terms of money, Venus in Aries is a time to invest in yourself — not on major purchases or long-term investments, but with exciting things that boost your confidence and your zest for life. A new outfit, hairstyle, or an active weekend getaway will revitalize you and add to your fulfillment. Beware though, we want instant gratification under Venus in Aries, and you could go overboard on your spending without considering the consequences.

Overall Venus in Aries isn’t a time to fall deeply in love or make long-term commitments. Think of it more like a test phase where you get to taste different flavors before you settle on just one. It’s about living in the moment, without fear from the past or concern for the future. It’s a time to go after what you desire, and not settle for anything less.

As you can see, these energies might have you questioning a lot and perhaps even calling some things quits. Overall you will get through this just fine but you should be aware that everything you do needs to be thought through properly before acted out. However, for the most part, you’re going to be tuning into yourself and getting a lot more done.

I am excited to see what these energies do in my life. They might not sound like much to some but overall they are well worth keeping in mind as things continue to unfold. You never know just what may be coming your way.