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While you may not be entirely privy to astrology, most of us have heard the phrase “Women are from Venus, and Men are from Mars.” And if that gives you an idea about the energies of these planets, then you likely can see why this is going to add some oomph to Valentine’s Day!

In astrology, each planet rules over certain energies. Venus is the ruler of emotional affairs, partnerships, and love, while Mars is all about action, authority, power, and physical intimacy. Beginning February 1, Mars and Venus are in conjunction with one another, meaning that they are aligned and very close-knit right now.

Up until the end of March, these two planets will remain in conjunction. When two planets are conjunct to one another, their energies work together, creating an interesting mix.

Because of how drastically different these two planets are, and also because Venus is typically associated with feminine energy, and Mars rules over the masculine, there are going to be major changes in store concerning love.

During this time, we are given extra opportunities to manifest a new love interest or to empower a current relationship. Now is the time to work with your partner to bring the spark alive.

And if your intimacy life has been a bit dull, that won’t likely continue throughout the next two months.

This conjunction only happens once per year, and usually only lasts 10 days. Thankfully, this time, we get two whole months to take advantage of its energy.

We can expect major changes to transpire in our love life, and in many ways, it’s an opportunity for growth and learning, not just about your partner or about a future partner, but for love in general.

And because all energetic conjunctions have a shadow side, it’s important to maintain a certain level of awareness over how we act based on impulse, desire, and emotion. While this can benefit us in many ways, if we aren’t careful, we may act impulsively in ways that can be detrimental to our love lives.

However, overall, this should be amazing. What better time could Mercury and Mars decide to flirt in the skies above than Valentine’s Day?

If you want to take advantage of this energetic shift, here are some tips:

1. If you are single, sit down and write down what you desire from a partner. Write it out like you are writing a short story about how you met this person and what they are like. Then, place the piece of paper out of sight and out of mind. After that, forget about the paper, but actively pursue trying to find someone. Go out on a few dates, network, or make a dating profile online.

2. If you are in a relationship, go on a fun and exciting adventure together.

3. Try new things in the bedroom with your partner or interest, or even with yourself. Explore your emotional and physical desires.

4. Approach encounters with the opposite $ex, even in platonic relationships in a mindful way. You may be surprised at how much you grow to understand about the opposite $ex during this time.

5. Find ways to balance out your own masculine and feminine energies.

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