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February is an exciting month astrologically speaking, with many opportunities for growth, manifestation, and aligning with our destiny. Perhaps the most important transit of the month is the alignment of Venus and Mars.

Venus And Mars Align

Beginning on February 15-16, Venus and Mars are aligning in the sign of Capricorn. Interestingly enough, the full moon will also take place on the 16th, in Leo.

Venus is the ruling planet over emotions, love, and partnerships, and Mars is the planet of action and passion. When they align, they bring balance not only between the masculine and feminine (the Yin and Yang). During this time, new relationships begin to bloom, the banter between friends and family becomes more peaceful and meaningful, and there is a certain harmony that reigns in the air.

The Energy Of Capricorn

With this particular transit moving into Capricorn, we are going to feel a strange pull, pushing us to align our values with our actions. The basic theme of this will be, “Actions speak louder than words.”

However, it’s important to not get too hasty, or too dogmatic, which can happen under the energy of Capricorn.

Venus and Mars aren’t the only showstoppers during this time.  The full moon in Leo will also be present, and will be pushing us to lighten up, and live in the moment.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of these transits is going to be pushing us to understand and align with our destiny. Not our material destiny, but the destiny of our soul and our spiritual growth.

Oftentimes, we can be too hard on ourselves, expecting perfection, but the energy taking hold right now is pushing us all to embrace our inner divinity.

Venus and Mars haven’t been aligned since July of last year, and if you look back to that time in your life, things have likely changed for you immensely. Take some time to reflect on that.


Above all, the alignment of Venus and Mars is something pretty powerful, as it represents unity, harmony, and balance. It’s important to use this energy to not only connect with others in a meaningful way, but to strive for balance from within as well.

On a Universal level, this could prove to be a powerful shift that could lead to some amazing shifts on a global scale. Perhaps the most important and best way to utilize this energy is to strive for a balance between your emotional side and your logical side.

Strive to balance the practical with the spiritual, and your actions with your mental state. You might be surprised at how this one simple change could create a ripple effect throughout your entire life.