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As we move towards the end of November and the beginning of December it is becoming more and more apparent that 2020 is almost here. While 2019 was a rough year and most will be glad to see it go many are nervous about what is to come. 

The year 2020 is going to be quite intense for all of us and will bring challenges and changes as to be expected. You might find more of yourself or lose more of yourself depending on how your life progresses as each day passes. That being said, you could be in for more of a treat than you are currently aware of. 

In order to figure out what 2020 holds for you personally you need to know your life path number. We all have one and each one highlights the things we’re going to face in this world as each year moves on. I, for instance, am a life path number 8. 

You can get this number by adding up or simplifying the numbers that make up your birth date. However, if you’re struggling with that or just don’t want to take the time to do it you can click here and generate your life path number. This number is needed as we move forth and when it comes to how 2020 is going to treat you, you can refer back to it.

Below I am going to go over how each life path number is going to be impacted by the coming year and what you as someone who lives within one of these life path numbers should be expecting. While not all of this will be positive it will all hold deep meaning and help us grow tremendously. Where is 2020 going to take you?


Life Path Numbers And Their 2020 Meanings:

Number 1 – 

If you’re a life path number 1 you need to work to wrap up all you can as 2019 comes to an end. The year 2020 is going to bring you to a new place in life that you are not used to seeing. You’re going to be surrounded by new people and fighting through new situations. Perhaps the year will force you to become a guide in some ways and that might not be easy to handle. 

The year 2020 is no cake-walk and isn’t going to make things happen as easily as you want them to but you being who you are and staying true to your soul will benefit your path in this world big time. Things are changing and life isn’t going to be as you’d expect it to. Embrace the unknown and remain strong.

Number 2 – 

Life path number 2 is one that brings a lot to the table. People with this life path number are very experienced and love progress in many ways. Sure, they can be a bit volatile but overall they work well with others and in tense situations.

The year 2020 is going to be a tense situation so in the end that all works out. If you fight the things to come you’re going to lose the fight and yourself but if you embrace the things to come openly and accept them life will transform you. You are going to become very aligned with your higher self during the course of this year if you allow the universe to do what the universe wants to do.

Number 3 – 

The number 3 is quite interesting for a number of reasons. It is a number that holds a great deal of friendship but also a lot of hard work. You’re going to be feeling a bit nervous going into 2020 but that will all be without reason once all is said and done.

The year 2020 is going to bring you a lot of new projects and allow you to grow. You’re going to be finding love and really working to show the people around you that you care. This year is one that will really work wonders for you and make you quite content.

Number 4 – 

The number 4 is one that creates a lot in this world. As someone with this number, you are a very interesting individual. You spend a lot of your time getting things done and are very comfortable with who you are as a person.

The year 2020 is going to be bringing you some romantic issues and pushing you towards someone you might have never expected. You’re going to be working towards something intense and overflowing in ways you have never managed before. This year is going to be insane, to say the least.

Number 5 –

As a life path number 5, you are someone who loves to think outside of the box. You’re always going on adventures and having fun but who are you forgetting or leaving behind as a result? Perhaps the year 2020 in itself is going to be about righting your wrongs for once. 

You might not see all of them just yet but throughout the past few years, you’ve really hurt those you care the most about. Be willing to hear them out in the months to come. Things are not always what they seem.

Number 6 –

This number is one that brings forth a lot of balance. You are always working to ensure things are going as planned and properly thought out but that’s not going to be possible moving into 2020. The beginning of 2020 is really going to come in and ‘knock you off of your feet,’ literally. Stop letting yourself get caught up in the problems of others and face the world as is. 

If you’re falling behind or losing sight of your true self that is something you need to work on. While this year is going to be intense it is also going to remind you to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. You are only human and sometimes you need a break.

Number 7 –

The number 7 usually belongs to people who are very interesting and usually overly expressive. For you, 2020 is going to be a year that you finally get things done. You’re going to be sharing your words with others and trying to really benefit the world around you.

Sure, things might seem to be a waste of your time in your own mind but if you remain strong and true to who you are you will go far. You have a lot to do in this world and this year is going to be quite packed with lessons and missions. It will be crazy but it will also be worth it.

Number 8 –

As a life path number 8, you are a very spiritual person. You might not be very outspoken about it but you know a lot and have come a very long way. You during 2020 will be finding something you never thought you would. The past few years have been tough and you’re finally about to be able to get comfortable. 

All of your hard work is going to begin to pay off and the people around you are finally going to show you the love and care you deserve and need. Don’t let the negative side of things going into 2020 overwhelm you, it will fade and the things left behind will be quite useful to you on your journey in this world.

Number 9 – 

Sure, you are very advanced but you also tend to go out of your way to make sure you’re not being understood correctly. The year 2020 is going to make you wonder where you need to be headed and perhaps make you take on a new perspective. You’re going to be finding a lot of opportunities coming your way and struggling with which ones to take. 

In the past, you were quite closed off and way too serious but this year that is going to change. You will find yourself opening up more and being much more willing to cut up and have fun. Embrace this all you can because as 2020 passes by that too could fade. Enjoy the excitement while it is before you.

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