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As you may know, there is a full moon coming up on the 27th of this month (February 2021), this full moon is one that will bring lots of energies our way. If you’re not already planning your own ritual, perhaps this one would be worth giving a shot.

This ritual is all about working to strengthen your inner self and bring balance to your life. Both of these things are abundant when the energies of Virgo come out to play and so, this moon is perfect for exactly that. While manifestation isn’t something everyone is into, you should give it a try if you’re open-minded. Below I am going to go over this ritual and while it may look simple, it packs a powerful punch.

Things Needed:

1 Jar Of Water

Pen and Paper

Your Chosen Crystals

Three Candles and Something To Light Them With


(This ritual is best when done outside under the moonlight.)

Choose a nice space outside where you can see the moon in all of its glory. Set the mood properly and if you choose to smudge the area, go ahead and do that. From here set your intentions and sit meditating for a moment to yourself. Allowing your mind to clear is important.

From here set the candles up and light them all while keeping your intentions in mind. Write out all that you want to grow through and where you wish to head on the paper. This will put your manifestations down and get you on track more properly. Once you’ve done that think about your strengths and also write down what areas you wish to improve on overall.

Take the crystals and sit thinking through things for a little while. These crystals will enhance the effects you’re going to gain once all is said and done. Now, burn the paper with the candles and once it is mostly ash, put it out with the jar of water. This water represents washing away the bad and giving your worries back to mother nature.

Once you’ve done this you will feel quite refreshed and ready to move on. Again, while this ritual is simple, it can do a lot for us all. It is one I love to use when Virgo comes out to play.