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In yoga, mudras are important. While they might not sound like or look like much, they can make a huge difference in how our energies flow through us.

Mudras according to Yogi Times are something derived in word from Sanskrit. The word means ‘sealing in the energy.’ They are basically hand gestures and finger gestures that enhance our experiences in meditation and yoga as a whole. There are different ones for different things and well, when you know which ones to you it can really give you an energetic advantage.

In this article, we will be going over the Kubera Mudra. This mudra is one that is very important. According to, Kubera, the word itself is also Sanskrit which is something you will find quite common when it comes to things of this nature. However, this word stands for the name of an important ‘Lord of Wealth.’ When meditating or doing yoga this mudra should be used when focusing our energies on things like abundance and working to achieve more in life.


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To nie W艂ochy, ani nawet w艂oski gest! Dzisiaj #艣rodazmudr膮 馃憣 Jako Dobra Wr贸偶ka przynosz臋 Wam dobre wie艣ci – mudr臋 spe艂niajaca marzenia 馃専 KUBERA mudra, bo o niej mowa, pomaga utrzyma膰 skupienie na dobrobycie, dzi臋ki czemu przyci膮ga pomy艣lno艣膰 (zar贸wno duchow膮, jak i materialn膮). Po艂膮czenie trzech palc贸w – kciuka, wskazuj膮cego i 艣rodkowego symbolizuje po艂膮czenie mocy, 艣wiadomo艣ci oraz stabilno艣ci. M贸wi si臋, 偶e dzi臋ki temu gestowi generujemy energi臋 spe艂niaj膮cych si臋 偶ycze艅. Jakie s膮 Wasze marzenia? Zastan贸wcie si臋 i usi膮d藕cie do medytacji. 11 minut dziennie wystarczy… 馃尭馃尭馃尭 . It is not Italy, it is #mudrawednesday with Italian gesture馃憣 As a Good Fairy I am bringing good news today – a mudra fulfilling dreams 馃鈥嶁檧锔 KUBERA mudra helps to maintain a focus on well-being, thus attracting prosperity (both spiritual and material). The connection of three-fingers: thumb, index and middle finger symbolize power, consciousness and stability. It is said that thanks to this gesture we emit energy that brings the desired abundance and fullfilling wishes 馃専 What are your wishes? Think about it and sit in meditation. 11 minutes daily is enough 馃崁 . #goodluck #mudra #kuberamudra #createyourluck #yoga #esotericknowledge #duchowosc #szczescie #marzenia #bogactwo #dobrobyt #luck

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As you can see above, this mudra is a very simple one. It doesn’t require much to do and can be used with your eyes open or closed. Each finger used in this is symbolic the thumb represents forcefulness, the index finger represents growth and the middle finger stability. When we bring these fingers together, we are able to work to transmit energies into the universe that help bring about prosperity.

Yogapedia wrote as follows explaining a little about this mudra:

Kubera mudra聽is a hand gesture (hasta聽mudra) used in yoga to focus on abundance and prosperity 鈥 both spiritual and physical. The term comes from the name聽Kubera, a Hindu demi-god of riches, and聽mudra, which means 鈥渟eal,鈥 鈥渋mprint鈥 or 鈥済esture.鈥

To practice this mudra, begin in a comfortable seated position like聽ardha padmasana. With palms facing up, bring the tips of the middle finger, index finger, and thumb together, while folding the ring and little fingers into the palms. Rest the hands in the lap or on the thighs.

To learn more about this specific mudra and how to do it properly take a peek at the video below. Doing things like this can make a big difference in how we all move forth. I for one think this mudra works well when it comes to manifesting and it is one I turn to often.