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I know, the pandemic we have been facing for a while now had turned the world upside down but in a lot of ways it has brought forth many opportunities. Sure, there are tons of downsides to it but when you want to see the good in it consider your spiritual side.

This pandemic for all of us is a chance to reconnect with ourselves. We are tuning in to our own needs and spending more time on our own. Seeing others suffer and having to go through hardships as a whole on our own will help us grow.

If you are energetically sensitive chances are you’ve been picking up on how serious the shift is right now in the energetic world. We are all much more aware of our oneness right now and that in itself is a good thing. For a while now there has been a collective shift in overall consciousness and honestly, it’s quite refreshing.

We are all reaching out more and also working to better ourselves as best we can. This we should not take lightly. While I am not downplaying the problems before us, there is nothing wrong with seeing the positive within the negatives.

All of this chaos is bringing out the best in a lot of us and really showing us how to handle not only our feelings but also the feelings of others. Have you been meditating more during this phase of life? I know I have.

The world is moving very fast right now but too many of us, it feels as if it is slowing down. That in itself is a good representation of what these energies are doing. We are experiencing challenges that are helping us to achieve more and figure out things that we typically wouldn’t have to figure out.

Don’t wallow in the sadness or let your mind become too toxic right now. Spend your time really getting to know yourself and figure out where you want to go in life. It will help you find yourself in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Life is short and we are being reminded every day during this pandemic that things can actually change overnight. It is quite refreshing for a number of reasons. Spend some of your time right now working to awaken further and see where your mind ends up taking you.

Are you also experiencing this? How has this pandemic really brought out your spiritual side? While I’ve faced a lot of complications things really do seem to be looking up.