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We all have a set of angels guarding us and watching over the things we do. These angels are powerful and willing to help push us to where we need to be in life.

While you can let them work on their own, sometimes we all need a little extra push. When you believe there is something going on in your life that needs some specific extra care you can call on your guardians and evoke their power to make things run a bit smoother. While this is no solution to the problem carrying the power of your guardians with you will help tremendously.

When it comes to evoking these powers you have to use the magic of colors. You see, colors are important when it comes to different things. Each color represents a different power, if you know what color you need to work with then you can summon help from your angels with ease. That being said, most people are not aware of this and do not know how to ask for help, sometimes words are just not enough.

If you want to gain some of the powers your angels have to help get you through something first you need to figure out what color you need to work with. Below you will find a list of colors and the powers they hold. Look over this list and figure out what kind of help you are looking for.

Angel Colors and Their Powers:


Pink is a color used to heal emotions and bring about a sense of innocence. If you are looking to bestow peace this is the color you need to be working with. While it is a bit feminine it can help all of us tremendously.


Silver is something we use for helping with finances. It brings with it a sense of openmindedness when we use this color to push ourselves it can come with a lot of inner turmoil. That being said, it is turmoil we all have to work through to come out on the other side.


This color is often overlooked but is one of the most beneficial. It brings with it the power of respect. When we use this color it helps to remind us that everything in life is only temporary, that our hardships are not going to last forever. It is all about acceptance and the power of being able to make it through.


Black is one of my favorite angel colors, it is one we can use to get rid of negativity and negative energy in general. When we use this color we bring about a strong secretive energy but it is an energy that evokes intense intuitive perception. You cannot go wrong with this one. it can help in most situations.


Brown is a color that is very grounded and Earthy. This color represents a mixture of energy, it is made up of bits and pieces of the other colors and so it brings forth unity. Brown is a very deep magical color that when used will help you to create connections that last forever.


White is a color that brings forth forgiveness in many ways. It can help you to forgive or help others to forgive you. Your intent is important with this one as it is a hard color to work with.


Red is a color that is often associated with rage but is not quite that in actual meaning. It helps us stop things that we do not want to happen. It is a pause in our lives that lets us figure things out.


Orange is a color that brings with it a very high spirit. If you are feeling down in the dumps this color might be able to pick you right back up. The power of positivity lies within this one big time.


When we use the color green we are evoking the powers of growth and bringing forth hope. If you are struggling with something this color can help. This color is the literal green light to keep you motivated. I know it may sound a bit too good to be true but I assure you, it is not.


This color works to evoke the powers of cleansing. If you need to clear your mind or get in a better place spiritually this color is for you. You can use it to open paths to places you never thought could exist.


This color is one that brings with it the power of the mind. It helps you to think better and remember more. If you are having trouble with something that needs to be decided this color might be able to bring you to an answer.


Violet is a very open and warm color. it will help you to be more open and honest with those around you. If you have been struggling to speak up this color might be able to be the inner voice you need.


Yellow is a color I use awaken my inner strength. You see, sometimes we forget how strong we truly are until we are given a small reminder. This color is the inspiration you all need to get back out there and do what you love to do.


Gold is a color that also brings healing. It holds the power of good health and can be used to help us connect with our higher self. While this color is not used often it is one that we could all benefit from.

Using Your Color and The Powers Associated:

Now, when it comes to actually using the color you chose, all you have to do is figure out what method works best for you. You can meditate with a piece of something that is the color you chose or you can carry crystals that are that color. However, I personally find that using candles of that specific color while meditating before I start my day helps the most.

I sit my candle in front of where I will be doing my meditating and turn off all the lights. The only light in the room will be that of the candle itself. I light the candle and close my eyes to meditate before starting my day. With my mind’s eye, I envision the energy from the candle making its way into my body and from there I carry that energy with me throughout my day.