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Astrology is a very powerful tool that can be used to figure out a lot about yourself and your purpose in this world. If you look into it properly it can serve as a guide through your life path in more ways than most ever realize.

If you want to really dive into the world of astrology you need to do so slowly. The more you dig the more you will find and you need to have time to properly process things as they come forth. To begin with, you start with your Sun sign. This is what most people refer to as their ‘zodiac sign.’ For instance, because I was born mid-June I am a Gemini. It is called the sun sign because it is the constellation in which the sun was during your time of birth.

From here you will learn all about your personality on a core level and some of the traits that might weigh down on you within your day-to-day life. For instance, as a Gemini, I am a big time talker. From here you should generate your natal chart if you have never done-so. For this, you will need to know what time you were born. This will give you all of your other signs, yes there are other signs. You see we all have a specific sign for each celestial body each different sign rules over a different part of your life within reason.

Now, in order to generate your natal chart click here. Enter in your birthday, time of birth, and location of birth and allow the chart to come forth. Now, when I generate my own chart I get my Sun sign, Moon sign, and then also a sign for each planet as well as the nodes. When it comes to getting to know yourself better you should take a peek at your Sun sign, Mercury Sign, and your Moon sign.

Mercury reveals how we think and how we really communicate so it is very important. Now, while each of these things is important when it comes to really figuring out what to do with our lives we need to look at everything as a while and focus on our Mars sign, Jupiter sign, and Saturn sign. Your Mars sign will help you better understand the driving forces behind the things you do and your Jupiter sign and Saturn sign will both help you find meaning and a real sense of boundary.

Once you have taken all of these things into consideration where you need to go from where you are should become quite clear. No, astrology isn’t going to point out your calling but it will help you figure out what you are most passionate about. Through all of this, you can work your way into building the best possible future for yourself.

To learn more about the importance of your natal chart please feel free to check out the video below. Have you ever taken the time to look into what astrology has in mind for you? I for one tend to keep my eyes to the stars for good reason.