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Uranus has been in the sign Taurus for quite some time now as it entered the sign on May 15th of 2018 and will remain in this sign until the year 2025. As we move towards the beginning of 2020 we also move towards the time in which Uranus will be stationing direct in Taurus which is quite charged, to say the least.

Uranus is a very interesting planet full of change and always working to break us free from something that is holding us back. That having been said, when paired with the stubbornness that Taurus offers it can be a bit confusing and all the more complicated than you might want for it to be. This planet has been retrograding for quite some time now and chances are you’ve all but forgotten how serious the influences it’s offered you are.

Uranus has been retrograding from August 11th, 2019 and will not be going direct until January 9th-10th of 2020. We have been for a while facing a lot of chaos and unsettling emotions at the hands of this planet and its backward movements but all of that is coming to an end soon. When this planet goes direct we will all begin to see things more clearly.

The Cosmic Intelligence Agency wrote as follows on the topic not too long ago:

Taurus bring up our survival issues and our ability to establish foundations by being aware of and using resources effectively. What is needed relative to resources determines what is VALUED. The more self-reliance that exists the more survival is guaranteed.  We’re about to experience lots of ‘survival issues’ over the next seven years as collective population and environmental pressure will force many into new circumstances, and our IT revolution brings the end of old industries and jobs as it also gives birth to lots of new ones. 

Once this planet goes direct we can all expect a little bit of a ‘slow down’ or calm before the next storm. We will begin to experience more and be willing to really come to terms with the things we’ve been doing in recent times. Any mistakes you’ve been struggling to accept will be full circle for once. While this might be uncomfortable, it will bring you to a better place in your own mind and within your life.

Taurus and Uranus make a great team, but we don’t always know how to face them. They offer us security but also sweep us off of our feet. The more we work with them the more we will be offered but most of us end up running in the opposite direction. If you are truly ready the energies we’re going to be offered once everything is spinning as it should be will uplift you in ways you otherwise could not imagine.

For more information on this whole ordeal please feel free to check out the video below. Uranus is a planet that holds deep secrets. What is it keeping locked away from you?