As parents in this day and age, we tend to get caught up in making sure our kids have all that they need to the point where some things fall through the cracks. Sure, they might have a roof over their head, food to eat, and other things of the sort but are they loved?

While you might ‘love’ your daughter if you’re not showing her that properly and teaching her to love herself chances are she will grow up to struggle with compassion for herself in many ways. Instead of taking care of her needs before the needs of others, she will see it as something that makes her seem selfish. Self-love should not be something we think badly of and you as a mother or father need to make sure your kids know that loving themselves is important.

If we do not teach our daughters specifically to love themselves they could end up allowing people who should not be near them to take advantage of them. While sons matter too this article is going to focus on the side of things that most do not realize. Sure our sons are supposed to be a bit cocky and so they don’t necessarily always become victims of this kind of thing. Our daughters, however, need to be reminded that self-love is not a bad thing and that they deserve to have their needs met.

If you don’t make sure your daughter knows that you love her and that she too should love herself she might assume there is something wrong with her. She may be stuck in a place where truly discovering herself is not possible and that as a parent is not something we ever want. Teach her to stand up for herself and to be as kind to herself as she is to others.

She doesn’t have to be perfect and if she needs to take a break then she should not feel guilty of doing-so. If you grew up in some kind of toxic situation and are not sure of how to properly show yourself compassion you as an ‘unloved daughter’ have a long way to go before things are where they should be. You will have to work through your own emotions and learn to identify them as they come forth so that you can stop dismissing them and instead manage them more properly.

Just because you’re saying no to someone or you’re not waiting on the people who have been in your life for a long time hand and foot does not mean that you are a bad person or that you’re being selfish. Doing what is best for you is crucial to moving forth in this world. While I know all of this sounds a bit confusing for more on the topic please check out the video below. It will really break things down.

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