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As an unloved daughter, you might really struggle with self-compassion whether you realize it or not. Accepting and really loving yourself is not as easy as others make it out to be and well, you might not really understand the concept.

If you are an unloved daughter, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. It’s hard to treat yourself the way you treat others and it’s even harder to find the positive side of things when you feel so flawed. It’s like nothing you do makes you feel like you’re deserving enough and as time continues that in itself really beats you down.

Unloved daughters seem to criticize and beat themselves down big time. They don’t see their own worth and as a result of the things they’ve gone through, getting to where they need to be is not going to be an easy feat. Just because your parents or parent told you growing up that nothing you did was ever good enough does not mean that is true. Accepting that there were flaws in those who cared for you rather than in yourself will help you to move on a bit better. When we grow up in supportive environments we really blossom so much quicker and as an unloved daughter, there are things in this department you may need to work on.

You might feel left out and as if nothing feels as authentic as it should. Because your emotional needs were not met growing up, you aren’t sure what you need to do to compensate now that you’re on your own. While walking this path is going to be hard, as time passes you will grow into the person you were meant to be and you will find ways to really care for yourself if you’re open to the concept. Breaking free of the cycle and changing the way you think is going to be complicated but it is something you are capable of.

The first step in all of this will be to stop judging yourself and start being more aware of your own emotions. Your life is yours to live and you need to be living it as you see fit. The things that go on in your life do not define you but they do help shape you and if you don’t like the shape you’ve found yourself in, you can change it. As you extend kindness to others, begin to do the same to yourself on a small scale, in time things will grow from there.