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When it comes to astrology most people don’t realize they have more than just one sign. Sure, your sun sign is important but if that’s all you’re looking at, you’re not getting to know yourself properly. 

If you want to really get to know yourself you need to break down your natal chart and see what your signs are for each celestial body. You see, based on where the celestial bodies were when we were born, we have quite a few different signs. Each sign ‘rules over’ or influences different parts of our lives and the more aware we all are of this the more we can work to really understand our lives as a whole. 

Now, before we dive into this and what each sign means, we need to go over how to get a natal chart in general. If you want to generate your natal chart you’re going to need to know your date of birth, time of birth, and where you were born. If you have those things you can click here to generate your chart. This will give you a list of each celestial body and the sign that holds true for you at the time of your birth and reveals so much about you now. 

Now, as you can see, you have a Mercury sign, a Saturn sign, and even a ‘rising sign’ or ‘ascendant.’ These are all equally important to your life. While they might not be as well known as the sun sign, they make up big parts of your life and could explain why you don’t feel you resonate properly with your sun sign as a whole. When it comes to diving into these signs and what they reveal about you, you need to know what each one ‘means,’ below you will find exactly that.

Your Rising Sign/Ascendant

This sign while a bit confusing is one that shows us how you will be in regard to ‘first impressions.’ This is how other people perceive you and it can reveal a lot. This may help you to understand why people seem to take you in a way you don’t intend for them too. 

Your Sun Sign

This is the zodiac sign we’re most used to reading about. It’s the one you likely refer to as your star sign or your ‘horoscope.’ While this one isn’t all of you, it does make up a big part of who you are. 

Your Moon Sign

The moon sign, in general, is something that breaks down your emotions as a whole. This is how you feel about yourself and about life as a whole. It’s your processing and how you handle things within. 

Your Mercury Sign

Your Mercury sign is one that shows us how you take things in. Are you someone who takes things in easily and well or do you struggle with really opening up? This sign will reveal exactly that and whether or not you’re someone who faces a lot of misunderstandings.

Your Mars Sign

Mars signs overall are quite interesting because they show us how we get things done. This is how you express yourself in a sense and really makes clear the way you ‘break the mold.’ It has also been noted as having a heavy link to your inner passions. 

Your Venus Sign

This sign shows us how you feel about or handle love as a whole. Are you someone who closes off and shuts down or do you embrace it with open arms? You might learn more from this sign than you’d expect.

Your Jupiter Sign

The Jupiter sign is one that shows us where you’re headed in regard to prosperity. It helps us all to understand where we are in life and what chances may be to come. This sign for a lot of reasons is all about growth and figuring out what lies ahead. 

Your Saturn Sign

This sign shows us how we deal with the things we’re uncertain about. It breaks down our fears and really helps us to better understand the things we’re most afraid of. Sure, it can be confusing but this sign to me is one of the most important for growth and change. 

Your Uranus Sign

The Uranus sign as a whole is one that breaks down what makes you who you are. It shows us your quirky side and can sometimes help us to figure out why we’re so rebellious or perhaps not rebellious at all. The more we dive into this sign the more we understand about our paths in general. 

Your Neptune Sign

Sure, your Neptune sign might be one you overlook a lot but it’s an important sign. This sign is the one that helps us tune into our personal expressions as well as our creative side. This sign might be able to show you where you get your talent from and perhaps in time how to make the most of it. 

Your Pluto Sign

Your Pluto sign is one that shows us what your life’s meaning is and I know that might sound silly but it’s true. This sign shows us what things matter the most to you and push you to look for deeper meanings in things around you. This one you should pay a lot of attention to.