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When it comes to numerology there are tons of different numbers in our lives that hold power over us, some of them are more important than others. If you’re wanting to learn more about who you are or where you’re headed diving into numbers could be one of the best things you ever do.

Numerology and numerology charts in general are both very important for a lot of reasons. One of those reason being that they help us figure out what numbers hold the most effect over us. For instance, if the number most related to your desires is one that is highly creative, you’re going to be a very creative person who seeks a creative outlet more so than others might.

I know this might be confusing at first but bear with me, it’s worth diving into. Some of the more important numbers when it comes to numerology are things like your life path number, your heart’s desire number, your personality number, and your expression number. All of these numbers can be calculated on your own or found through generating a numerology chart which can be done by clicking here and putting your information in. Overall, the main thing you need is your birthdate.

For example, my birthday is June 15th and my life path number is 8 (initially 17 but simplified). The number 8 is one that is often referred to as the achiever. It is a number that represents a lot of goals and hard work. This meaning my life is going to be full of hard work and really putting my efforts forth as best I can to get where I want to be which seems quite accurate to me.

Once you’ve generated your chart you will see several numbers in different places. On my chart, my expression number is 6. This meaning that I tend to express myself through love. I am a homebody that is very compassionate and caring.

Another very important number for me is the number 9 because it is my personality number. This meaning that it shows me what my personality is like as a whole. The number 9 in my case shows that I am very responsible overall and tend to take a lot of things very seriously. That being said I am also wise and quick to forgive but also not too hard on myself which is a wonderful thing.

When you generate your chart you can take the time to dive into each number on any numerology website you want and from there you will learn a lot about yourself. While this might not sound as intense to some, it is very beneficial for a lot of reasons. If you want to better understand yourself I strongly suggest diving into your chart.

To learn more about numerology charts and the meaning behind different numbers in numerology take a look at the videos below. Do you like this kind of thing or is numerology not for you? I really feel it is very important for us on a core level.