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In this life, all of us want to find balance but most of us never do. While it is important it is also very hard to obtain.

Without balance we tend to wander through this life overly negative or overly positive. We lose who we are and fall off the tracks that mark our paths in life. In order to find balance you have to be willing to travel through the hard moments and push forward through our pain and sometimes, we just can’t.

This world is full of light but also full of darkness. You have to be able to bring forth both within your life and relish in the things that make you who you are. While your dark side is not something you should give power to it is not something you should ignore and lock away either. Acknowledging the parts of yourself and your life that are complicated and frustrating will bring you closer to where you need to be than you might realize.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you might have found the balance that you so desperately need. If these signs are not present in your life then you still have a long ways to go. While none of this is going to be a piece of cake it will be worth it, in the end. Remember that everything before you is before you for a reason.

9 Signs You Have Found Balance Between The Light and Dark:

1. You have come to terms with your flaws.

You are no longer obsessed with the things that make you flawed. You accept your flaws and are able to appreciate them. While they might not be things you like they are things that make you who you are.

Balance means accepting the good and the bad. Just because you might not like something about yourself doesn’t mean it has to change. There are areas we can work on but there are also areas that we cannot do anything about.

2. You are humble but also not a doormat.

You do not let other people walk all over you but you are humble. You remain thankful for all you have and where you came from but you also don’t turn into someone you’re not or let others change you. With balance you have to be able to appreciate yourself and your struggle all the while being there for others without letting them find ways to control you and the things you do.

3. You take care of your own emotions.

As a balanced person you can handle yourself. You would know how to express yourself and also know when it is something you should hold off on. People who have proper balance do not bottle things up inside. They say what needs to be said and do not hold back when the time is before them.

4. You do not wear a mask anymore.

You don’t wear a mask to hide yourself from the world. When it comes to finding balance you cannot pretend to be someone you are not. The more authentic you are the more balanced you will become.

Without letting go of that mask and opening up to the world you will never be able to really find true balance. Being honest with yourself is far more important than anything else and that is something many people struggle to come to terms with. Sure, it might be hard but it is well worth it.

5. You believe in yourself.

You are able to believe in yourself on a level most others cannot. You know who you are and where you are headed in life. You know that you can achieve the things you want to achieve even when it feels like the whole world is against you, you are still your own biggest fan.

6. You grow from the mistakes you make and setbacks that you find.

You learn the lessons that you need to learn. While you have made mistakes and seen many setbacks you do not let them go without reason. The person you are and the person you have been are not the same and you are constantly growing.

7. You do not let the past define you.

You don’t let the things you have done in your past define who you are right now. You know that your mistakes are not who you are right now in this moment. You have moved on from the things that you cannot change and have finally managed to let them go.

Learning to let go is a very important part of finding balance. Balance and being able to let go are something that goes hand in hand. You can’t live your life with all of the baggage that your past holds, the weight of all that holds you down will also hold you back.

8. You do not expect to be perfect or for others to be perfect.

You don’t expect to be perfect or for other people to be perfect. You know that perfection does not exist and that it is not worth striving for. You are unapologetic-ally yourself and that will never change.

9. You seek peace but do not force it.

You are the kind of person to look for peace but not to force it into place. Sometimes peace is not possible, and we all need to be aware of that. On occasions, we face hard points that are going to be a real struggle to get through.

You don’t break the puzzle to make things fit into place. You have patience and allow the things that have to happen to happen. You are not afraid of allowing things to just be real.