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Tonight, the full moon is up in the sky, providing us with not only its beauty but also with its energies. This particular full moon is in Gemini is a special one, with energy that will continue to linger into the days moving forward.

Gemini is an air sign, represented by the twins, one of which is mortal, the other is immortal. They represent the struggle between our spiritual self and our physical self. As an air sign, Gemini is highly driven by all things intellectual, and is consumed by thought and communicating and expressing their true self. However, because of their conflicted selves, this energy can also bring with it a struggle.

During this full moon, we are being pushed to communicate who we are in all aspects of ourselves, to communicate our truth. In the midst of all of this, Saturn and Uranus are squaring off, leading us to discuss and contemplate where our freedom ends, and authority rules over. Much of this is playing out in conversations throughout the world, causing heated debates and, in many ways, overwhelming many of us.

Along with this, the Moon and Sun are in opposition, squaring Neptune in Pisces, which is pushing us to find common ground, peace, and unity.

As the full moon peaks in the sky above tonight, tomorrow it will take form in a waning gibbous, leading the energies that are at an all-time high to begin to taper off. Just as we begin to feel the intensity, and to question who we truly are and what we truly believe in, we will begin to be pushed towards finding our peace.

In the coming days, we will see our situation more clearly, and understand ourselves with deeper clarity. Because of this, our shadow self will also be coming to the surface, leading us to either integrate these parts of ourselves into our persona or ignore them and bury them even deeper. To bury the shadow, rather than accepting it and then mending it, can be catastrophic.

While it may be hard to face these different parts or facets of our true self, it’s important for our growth on this journey. With all of that being said, I truly encourage you to take note and grow your awareness of who you are, including even the parts you dislike the most. Rather than battling between your spirit and your physical embodiment, work on integrating them and accepting you in every aspect.