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In this life, the universe speaks to us in peculiar ways. While you might not be sure if you are walking down the right path, if you look for the signs, you will find the answers that you seek.

Below, I am going to go over some of the harder to face signs that you are on the right life path. These are signs that you otherwise probably wouldn’t notice. If these signs are present in your life, you are headed towards where you need to be.

12 Signs That Work To Remind You That You Are On The Right Life Path

1. You feel like you are lost when it comes to the big picture.

When it comes to thinking about the bigger picture, you’re not sure where to begin. You don’t know what direction you should be looking towards. You are at a loss when it comes to this kind of thing.

2. You keep changing goals and relationships.

You never know where you’re headed and can change on a whim. While this to most looks bad, it isn’t always so negative. If you can keep yourself ahead all the while making these changes, you will be able to move forward big time. In life, making changes is important.

3. You keep cutting negative people out.

One of the biggest signs that you are on the right path is that you keep cutting negative people out of your life. If someone proves to be toxic or holding you back, you do not allow them a place in your world. This is something a lot of people struggle with.

4. You own up to your mistakes.

You never go without owning up to the things you’ve done. You apologize when you need to and learn from the mistakes you make. This in itself is a wonderful sign that you are headed to where you need to be.

5. You feel small when thinking about the universe itself.

You might feel small when thinking about the grand scheme of things but that is with good reason. In comparison to the universe, we are very small. That being said, it is important to remember that we are all one and the universe is a part of us.

6. You know how important time is.

You are finally seeing how little time we have. You realize that you have to pack as much as you can into each moment before it passes. You are not focusing on the past anymore and looking forward to the future.

7. You want to be alone when change is coming.

You do not let change hold you back. You spend time alone to prepare for the big things to come, but you do not completely isolate. You allow yourself time to adjust accordingly, and this is a big step for us all.

8. You are always standing up for yourself.

You stand up for yourself when you need to, even if it is hard for you. This is a huge sign that you’re in a good place within your mind. The universe wants us to stand up for ourselves when we need to, and it wants us to promote positivity.

9. You second-guess yourself a lot.

When it comes to your life path, you should second guess yourself. Questioning things is important because if we didn’t question things we would never grow.

10. You are afraid of where/how things will end up.

Fear plays a big role in how we move forward. Just because you are headed one way doesn’t mean you are without fear. We all fear whether things are going to end well or not, and this is a good sign if not taken too far.

11. Sometimes things fall apart right before you.

Sure, things might fall apart right in front of you on occasion, but you always get right back up and fix them. We all have to fall before we can fly. If you never fail, you will never truly succeed.

12. You live your life for yourself.

If you are walking down the correct life path, you will be living your life for yourself. You will not be living the life others want you to live or moving down a path soiled by someone you don’t even see anymore. Living your life for yourself is a big step.