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Leos are easily one of the more prominent and outspoken signs of the zodiac but not always in a good way. In fact, they could be considered quite narcissistic at best…

They might have good intentions here and there, but they’re really selfish and always have to make things about themselves. While they do have their positive points, they aren’t as fun to be around as they seem. They are charming and people love to be around them but why they are so inspirational is quite confusing.

The Leo is driven by his or her desire to be loved and admired by those in their lives. They love the spotlight and always want to be in charge. A lot of the things they do are literally just attempts at getting people to pay attention to them. Leos tend to rant to others but not pay attention when others come to them to speak. Sounds a lot like a narcissist now, doesn’t it?

Narcissists are also conceited, refuse to listen unless the topic is about them, and crave the spotlight. They want attention and to be admired. Isn’t it interesting how the Leo has so many of these traits?

Leos can be too much for a lot of people and when someone says something negative or something bad happens they take it very personally. If you make them feel left out they will without a doubt come for you. They know exactly how to push the buttons of others and tend to forget that while their sign comes with the Lion (king of the jungle) they are not actual royalty.

Sometimes it’s important to look at the bad parts of our signs and honestly, no sign is without fault. Leos love to be catered to and don’t like to do any catering. They are very stubborn and refuse to compromise in most situations. They give advice whether it is wanted or not, and they tend to have a really bad attitude. Sounds a lot like a narcissist now doesn’t it?

Their arrogance really does know no bounds. That being said, they can be quite generous when they want to be and not all Leos are bad. We all have our flaws, do you know any Leos? Do they fit the descriptions above?