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A quality night’s rest is so underrated, and as far as priorities go, it is something that should be at the top of everyone’s list. Each night, when we rest our heads on our pillow and go into rest mode, our body performs a plethora of tasks that are vital to our overall health.

According to the Sleep Foundation, half of Americans report feeling tired during the day between days three and seven, each week. 35.2% of all adults say that they average less than seven hours of sleep each week.

Additionally, the recommended amount of sleep is seven to nine hours, for the best quality of life.

If we take all of this information into account, it becomes clear that half of the American population is not getting quality sleep, and 35.2% could benefit from a better quality of rest, to maximize the amount of sleep they are getting.

This leads us to wonder, what is the best remedy for improved sleep quality?

By simply browsing the shelves in your local grocery store, you could come up with unlimited options. However, these options are all geared towards making you fall asleep and stay asleep, rather than providing a better quality of rest.

Thankfully, I recently stumbled upon a recipe that I have started using, and I am sleeping much better already. Not only are the two ingredients easy to come by, upon purchasing them, but you will also have enough of the ingredients to last a very long time and they can both be found at your local store. Neither of them costs a lot, and since this is simple, it’s something that won’t be hard to remember.

So what is this magical sleep remedy? Well, I am glad you asked.

5. tsp of organic raw honey
1 tsp Pink Himalayan Sea salt

Simply mix, place in a sealed container, and place a small amount underneath your tongue before bed.

The reason this works is that sea salt contains magnesium, which is a natural calming agent. Additionally, the other nutrients in the salt are wonderful for aiding in getting the most out of your rest, encouraging your body to mend itself during the time you are asleep. When you add honey to the salt, you get glucose, which energizes and revitalizes your cells.

Better sleep recovery = better rest.

Better rest = fewer days spent in the 1:00 slump.

Perhaps my favorite part of this is that it doesn’t taste terrible. It has the feel of salted caramel, to me. And regardless, even if honey isn’t your thing, place it under the tongue and don’t think about it. Then follow it (after it dissolves, of course) with your favorite nighttime beverage.