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Economics, in the global sense, can be confusing at times. And while we all like to throw around buzzwords, like Fascist, Communist, Socialist or even corporations, it’s important to understand what these terms stand for in order to use them properly.

Thankfully, Mike Hosking Breakfast Newstalk ZB created some useful images by using cows to explain what different economic situations actually mean. And with so many different ones, even if you are educated in some areas, there is no way you will leave this article without learning something you didn’t already know.

1. Communism

2. Socialism

3. Fascism

4. Traditional capitalism.

5. Venture capitalism.

6. An Italian Corporation.

7. American Corporation.

8. Irish Corporation.

9. Iraqi Corporation.

10. British Corporation.

11. Greek Corporation.

12. Communism.

13. Socialism

14. Fascism