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Twin souls are much more complicated than most people realize. They are two parts of the same soul but they are not incomplete.

Throughout life, you are on a journey of something so much more than you could ever imagine. You are pushing forward and working to find your twin flame/soul and become awakened in all possible forms. The universe has a plan for you and that plan is grand.

For those who do not know, a twin soul is a person you connect with on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. He or she is a mirror for your soul. You are both complete manifestations of the same soul in this same world. While you are different you are also the same.

Twin souls help us to heal in lots of ways. Because they reflect back to us what we are sending out sometimes being with our twin is not possible. The twin flame connection is not an easy one to experience but we all learn from it whether we end up being with our twin or not.

Twin souls reveal to us the deeper issues at hand. They bring forth our truth and show us where we need change in our lives. While sometimes that is a very hard and painful process it is one that helps us heal. While you might have not seen these things in the past when your soul’s mirror is facing you they will become quite prominent.

If your twin brings something up you should consider that on yourself as well. Assess everything on a deeper level. Through healing yourself you heal your twin. When two twins meet and are both broken at the time one will run because he or she cannot handle what is being presented before him or her. This is not a sign that there is something wrong with you but merely a sign that healing is needed.

If you have ever met your twin before you know how hard it is to really be with him or her for a number of reasons. The energies are far too intense and most of the time when we find one another we both still have a lot of healing to do. By reflecting back to you each of your mistakes and weaknesses your twin is working to help you become stronger, do not forget that.