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When it comes to twin flames for some reason most people don’t know as much about the connection itself as they should. While they want to find their twins they do not prepare themselves to do-so properly and it forces things to end badly in a number of ways.

Below I am going to go over some of the truths that come with twin flame connections that most people overlook. The more aware you are of these things the more capable you will be of truly feeding into that connection rather than forcing one another to distance as most twins do. By working to understand these things properly when you do finally find your twin, things will be much easier for your connection as a whole, that being said no matter how hard you try they won’t be easy.

10 Twin Flame Truths You Need To Know If You Want To Unlock Your Connection Properly:

1. You and your twin have to be on the same level for things to work.

You and your twin cannot expect to make things work with one another if you’re both on different levels in this life. If you need healing and your twin is ready to dive into things, you’re going to run and vice versa. This is a reality that hurts to face but is crucial to understand.

2. Your twin is your mirror, literally.

Your twin is going to reflect back to you some of the things you hate in yourself. You have to prepare for this or it will be quite overwhelming. The more you understand that you are both the same the easier things will become for the two of you.

3. You might not realize it just yet but you planned out the things that are happening in your life long before you came to this world.

The things you and your twin face in this life are things you both planned out when you were not of this world. You created the life before you and the things you’re facing are lessons you needed to learn. Do not sell yourself short.

4. Twin flame connections must go through stages.

Twin flame connections always go through stages. While you might not be sure what stage you’re at just yet, you will come to understand things as time passes. Sometimes these stages take more time to progress through than we would hope for them too.

5. Just because you understand one another doesn’t mean you can make things work right now.

As twin flames, you will understand one another on a deeper level but that won’t be enough to keep the two of you in a union. A lot more goes into making things work than you might expect. The twin connection in itself is quite the painful one.

6. You will know when you’ve found your twin flame.

You might be worried about overlooking your twin if you come across him or her but that’s not possible. You will know your twin when you see/meet him/her. Their energy will meld with your own in ways you have never experienced before.

7. Nothing is impossible when it comes to your twin flame connection.

When it comes to twin connections nothing is impossible. The things you would never imagine to happen can and might. But that could be a good or bad thing depending on how the situation plays out.

8. Twin flames are not always meant to be together in their given lives.

Twin flames are not always meant to be together in the ‘right now.’ Sometimes we are working through things that do not allow us to be with one another in the lives we’re currently living. While we will reunite someday, it might not be in this lifetime.

9. We as twins must struggle before we can truly be one with each other.

Twin flames go through a lot of struggles with one another and that’s not something you can avoid. These struggles are part of your journey and the harder your fight against them the worse they will become. Embracing them is the only option.

10. You cannot disconnect your heart from that of your twin. 

You and your twin are connected and will always be connected. You cannot break free from one another because you are one another. This is something you must come to terms with.

(Image Via: Pixabay)