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You and your twin flame are linked on an energetic and spiritual level. While you might not be physically together right now, you can still check in on one another through meditation and work to understand the connection you have.

If you have been wanting to get in touch with your twin flame even if just on a more energetic level then you have come to the right place. Because you are both connected your subconscious minds are speaking to one another without the two of you even realizing it. Through asking your subconscious mind and higher self for help with this kind of thing you can work to better understand the situation you’re in, in regards. 

Below you will find an image with several animals present. Before scrolling down to it take a moment to clear your mind and then ask your subconscious mind to contact your twin. From there continue in asking it to bring forth a message that you need to be made aware of and be open for the things to come. 

Once you have done this look at the image and allow your mind’s eye to choose one of the animals present in the image. Which animal stands out to you the most or draws you in? That is the one with your message held behind it.

Now that you’ve allowed your inner being to choose an animal for you look below to see what that animal holds for you regarding a message from your twin. While this message might not be something your twin is entirely aware of it is something his/her higher self wants to make known to you. This might be hard to swallow but please take it in stride.

The Tiger 

If you were drawn to the tiger your twin wants you to know that right now you need to be strong. You are at a point where your life is unpredictable and so is your twin. While your paths are not aligned just yet you are both on each other’s minds. While you are in many ways rejecting one another that does not hide the connection that you both share.

The Giraffe

If you were drawn to the giraffe your twin is facing some serious internal wars. He/she is going through more than you can see in the present moment and you need to work on accepting yourself as you are so that you can be accepted by him/her in the future. You are living in a world full of wondrous things and you should not be sitting by allowing it all to pass, live your life as you see fit.

The Eagle

If you were drawn to the eagle your twin wants you to be aware that he/she is struggling but that through all you’re facing be it together or apart you are both becoming more powerful. You are both going to be able to renew your lives together at another time no matter how the situations before you play out and you should never forget that.

The Lion

If you were drawn to the lion your twin is very interested in making sure you know that you are making him/her proud even if he/she isn’t showing it. Your twin wants to see you succeed in life and make something of yourself which is exactly what you’re doing. As you progress things might become more and more complicated but seeing you do well is truly satisfying for your twin.

The Elephant

If you were drawn to the elephant your twin wants you to know that you are capable of finding security within yourself. You do not need him/her to be safe and content in this world. While things are complicated right now you need to really work on yourself and so does he/she. If you cannot work to exist apart being together on the level that you both want to be will never work.

The Bull

If you were drawn to the bull you are really holding your own and being stubborn in ways you perhaps shouldn’t. If your twin is with someone else or you’re not on good terms right now he/she wants you to remember that no matter what you’re feeling that connection will always be present. You are tied to one another in a way that cannot ever be erased. Just work on finding your purpose in this world and wait for everything else to go as the universe has planned.

The Bear 

If you were drawn to the bear your twin is very confident in his or herself. They want you to know that they are working on enormous things and overcoming a lot. Whether you’re with one another or apart, you are both on each other’s minds. While you’re at a standstill in your own life, you too can gain the strength needed to continue on.

The Goat

If you were drawn to the goat your twin wants you to see the challenges he/she has been facing. Your twin has been really climbing and making strides to change his/her life in big ways. While you might feel left out you’re still important to your twin. This is something he/she has to do and you need to understand that.