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When it comes to children, ear infections are going to happen on occasion no matter how hard you try to avoid them. An earache usually leaves the child crying from the pain, which is not something any parent wants to face.

Earaches are quite uncomfortable and can be very devastating. They tend to occur in one or both ears and the pain is either constant or comes and goes. Experts have estimated that about three out of four babies develop ear infections. Ear infections are something that occurs when fluid in the middle ear builds up and causes the development of inflammation. It is also important to note this kind of thing can go hand in hand with temporary hearing loss on some levels.

When it comes to reducing the pain your child is in, of course, medicine helps but it isn’t usually enough to really do the trick. When your child is having an earache a salt press might be the best possible thing for it when it comes to actually making your child feel better. The remedy I am going to go over below can and will soothe most earaches within reason and help give time for other means to kick in.

You should also note this remedy can be used on adults as well. Anyone with an earache can reap the positive aspects of this remedy if they choose to do-so. While it is quite simple, it is also quite effective.

Sea Salt Sock:

Things Needed:

1 Long Cotton Sock (Clean)
2 Cups of Coarse Sea Salt
Skillet & Stovetop


Pour the salt into a sock and tie the section at the end off so that no salt can escape. Now, turn one of the eyes on your stove on low or medium-low heat. Place a pan on this eye and allow it to heat slightly before placing the sock into the pan. Stay with it and flip it frequently so that the salt within is heated properly and not cold in the middle.

Once the sock is warm but not hot, it is ready to use. Try it on yourself first to make sure it is not too hot for your child and then place it on his or her ear. Allow it to sit and really soothe your child. You can repeat this process and of course, if facing double ear infection make multiples.

I know this remedy sounds quite simple but it truly works wonders. This draws fluid out of the ear and relieves some of the discomfort of an earache. To see a demonstration of this please check out the video below. Would you use this remedy or do you think it might be a waste of time? I for one think it really does help in ways other things cannot.

Sometimes the most effective and important remedies are the most simple and ‘boring.’ Next time you or one of your kids is having an earache give this a go. You might end up feeling much better about it than you ever imagined you would.

Image via David Wolfe