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For some reason, far too many of us confuse toxic love for true love. True love will never act in the way toxic love will and when it comes to true love, you’re not going to be questioning things anywhere near as much. 

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re in toxic love or true love, chances are you’re in toxic love. Toxic love is judgmental, controlling, and full of pain while true love is all about growing with your partner and making sure everyone is on the same page all the while properly cared for. Sure, some toxic people can pretend to be in true love with you but after a while, their mask will come off and the toxicity will reveal itself.

When you’ve found someone who actually loves you, their intentions will line up with their actions. They will build you up instead of tearing you down and when you’re at your lowest they will be there by your side. Toxic relationships are far too one-sided to be true love and they usually leave one person pulling the weight of the relationship along on their own. If your partner truly loved you, he or she would be putting forth the same amount of effort you were to make things work. 

Toxic people are selfish, they don’t care how you feel or what you’re going through. They want to do their own thing and be happy in their own ways without taking your emotions into consideration. Their love in itself is bitter and callous, just like they are. The more you try to make things work with them, the worse you end up feeing.

True love won’t be so cold and unforgiving, it will be and always is much more open and caring. The person in your life who truly loves you is not going to be obsessed with you or constantly bring up your flaws. He or she will be willing to give and to take equally all the while being willing to offer you peace during trying times. 

Relationships are never easy and love in itself is quite complex but when you fall into the trap of thinking toxic love is true love you’re only setting yourself up to be disappointed and destroyed in the long-run. When you fall for the right person they will treat you properly and make you feel just as cared for as you might imagine. 

The more toxic a connection is the worse you’re going to feel and that’s not something we want to be stuck inside of. You and true love will be able to remain independent and function on your own without closing one another out. You will be able to grow together instead of apart and you will both consider one another before making big decisions. With your true love, you will be in a partnership and that will be quite apparent. 

Toxic love would never be capable of any of the positive things noted above. Don’t pretend you’re in something healthy when you’re not. Be aware of the things you’re facing and cut ties where ties need to be cut. In time, the right person will be before you and everything will fall into place.