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As you may know, Pluto is currently retrograding as of April 25th and from here 2 more planets will be joining in on the 13th and 14th of May. This for each of us is going to hold new things that some of us might not be ready for. 

Below I am going to go over how these retrograding working together may influence you in the coming months. While this won’t last forever, it will feel like a very long time and you need to be as aware as possible. No, they won’t be able to control your life, but they might be more than enough to drive some of us mad.


Do not be too worried about these retrogrades. As an Aries, you’ve already got things under control for the most part. You should perhaps even consider taking a break during this time even if the energies are pushing you to do more. While you feel like you’re not making much progress the truth is in life you’ve done more than most.


These retrogrades might bring a lot of conflict for you considering how stubborn you usually are. You are going to be struggling to keep things as you want them to be in your love life and that might throw you off the handle. Don’t let your tongue get ahead of your mind or your heart, know the power behind the things you’re going to say before you say them. 


It seems out of these three Jupiter will be influencing you the most and with that, you’re going to realize that you need to work on several different areas in your life. You don’t have things put together as well as you think you do and the cracks are going to begin showing soon. Start fixing things while you’ve got the chance to.


These retrogrades should serve as a reminder for you that a lot of the people you care the most about do not care about you. Their true intentions will become clear the more time that passes and you should not ignore the signs before you. Sure, you’re a generous soul but this should always have limits. Stop being a punching bag, please.


If you’re a Leo you should use the energies of these retrogrades to face some of your past while you are given the chance. Sure, you’re happy and comfortable now but you’ve gone through a lot and you have baggage with you that needs to be dealt with. The more you drag it along the more it will weigh you down in the long-run. You’d be much happier if you were working through these things instead of locking them away.


As a Virgo, you’re probably not expecting much of a change but perhaps you should be. You’re likely going to be forgetting just how important it is to slow down during the time these retrogrades are present. Sure, getting things done matters but it’s not the only thing you should be caring about. The more you push yourself the more you will allow to fall through the cracks.


For you, these retrogrades might be a bit scary. You’re going to be changing in ways you’re not quite ready for. This in many ways will weigh down on you heavily considering the things we’re facing in the world right now. Do not let your obsessive thinking get the best of you, you will get through this if you remain strong.


These retrogrades are bringing out the best possible side in you, your generous side. You’re going to be sharing a lot more and much more willing to help the people around you. While you’re always caring, this will really reveal to you how much you’ve been ignoring those who were truly in need around you.


Sure, you might feel great right now but as time continues to pass these retrogrades are going to take hold of you. They are going to bring you to a place where you’re not feeling that great but you can tell you’re making progress. A lot of hard decisions are coming your way and making sure you think things through might make a big difference in the end.


These retrogrades are going to really knock you out of whack. While you might not like the distress you’re about to face it is important. This is your chance to finally get the outside perspective you’ve been needing. Don’t keep taking the thoughts being shared with you for granted. They’re not without warrant even if you think they might be.


I know, these retrogrades might not sound like a lot, but they’re going to bring you to a place where you’re finally taking care of yourself. For a long time, you’ve been letting others take advantage of you and it needs to stop. Sure, you might not feel like you deserve the effort you put into others but, YOU DO.


These retrogrades might bring out the sad side in you. While you’re usually a pretty upbeat person it seems like maybe Venus has more control right now than you want it to. Your love life isn’t what you wish it was and now is your chance to work through some of the feelings that brings with it. Don’t give up, let things out, and really see where you are able to grow.