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Aquarius, much like their symbol, are the healers of the universe. Represented by a woman carrying a jug of water (the burdens, turmoil and heavy emotions of the world), Aquarians are thought to have the ability to make light in the darkest of times.

She represents the healing energy within us all, and instead of taking those burdens on as her own, she uses her air sign logic and intelligence to find a way to transform pain into something lighter and something more meaningful. During the full moon in Aquarius, we are reminded that we have this healing energy within us all. This uncanny ability the Aquarius has to turn dark into the light can be found within any of us, if we understand how to channel it.

In the previous months, we have been through retrograde after retrograde, and now the Lion’s Gate portal. With all of this constant change, transitioning, and transformation, it is likely you have faced the darkest parts of yourself and went through some of your hardest traumas all over again. Now, as we enter closer to the full moon in Aquarius, she asks us: ‘Do you need a helping hand?’

And if you don’t say yes, then you haven’t learned anything at all this past year.

As a connected universe, when one person suffers we all do, and without realizing that we can never grow. While we can’t change the world along, together we are unstoppable. However, one of the most important steps in learning to transform darkness to light, and not only for ourselves but for the world around us.

Take time during this moon, to find a quiet place. Set a bowl or jar of water in front of you with a silver and yellow candle. Silver is for the moon and her energy, and yellow is for healing. Now, focus your intent on the jug. Imaging every horrible atrocity in the world you can enter into the water, and the moon, along with Aquarius transforming it into something that we can work with. Imagine it becoming infused with light and a massive weight being lifted off the shoulder of the universe.

Meditate on this for up to thirty minutes.

When you are finished, pour the jug into a massive pond, river, or ocean. Eat something to the ground. And look out at the massive pool of water. Imagine the entire body of water being changed due to your small jug. Say a prayer to your higher self or higher power.