Toxic people will pretend to care but deep down, they don’t. They might do nice things sometimes or act nice to get on your good side but trusting them is not a good idea.

Toxic people are not the kinds of people we need to be putting our energies into and we all need to realize that. Yes, you care for them and you want the best for them but that’s not enough. You can’t make them change, they have to change for themselves.

These kinds of people will only hurt you over and over again. They will use you and drain you of your energies as long as you will allow them to. The more effort and trust you put into them the more they will let you down. Your kind heart will get you in trouble and leave you doing without and that’s not okay.

Toxic people don’t see your efforts, only their need or want for ‘more.’ Nothing is going to make them see things from your eyes and the sooner you see that the better. The more you give the more they will ask for, period.

They won’t feel bad when they upset you and they won’t be sad about seeing you go without because you’re helping them so much. They feel like they deserve all that you do for them when that in itself is nowhere near the case. You deserve better and chasing after them is a waste of your time.

They will never fully see the error in their ways and while you might love them or want to see them do better, at the end of the day you must do what is best for you. Stop letting them hold so much over you, being disappointed is not something you should see as normal. Do you really want to move through life in such a manner?

You are not a toy, you deserve to be treated well. Stop setting for people in your life who are doing nothing but hurt you. You owe that much to yourself if nothing else. This world is a cruel one and the things you allow in your life do affect you, more than you could ever imagine.

If there is someone in your life that you consider toxic, you do not have to keep them around. Sometimes cutting ties is the best thing you can do. Keep that in mind moving forward.

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