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Toxic people in this world are quite present. Whether you’re aware of their places in your life or not, they are much closer than you might realize.

When toxic people hurt us, they might pretend to feel bad about it and they might even say they’re sorry but please know that an apology without action means nothing. Toxic people do not deserve to be in your life, period. They bring us down and use us to gain things in their own lives all the while refusing to help us in any way possible.

Far too often we allow people who don’t deserve our time or attention to be in control of us or have more to say in our lives than they should. Forgiving a toxic person and letting them remain in your life is never a good idea. These kinds of people deflect, project, and do all the can to protect themselves from the truth and because they do not live in reality, there isn’t much we can do to change them. 

While some toxic people can work through their issues and become better people, most are not willing to do-so and the sooner we come to terms with that the better. We as non-toxic people in this world have to know when to stand up against these kinds of people and when walking away is a better option. Sometimes arguing or allowing them to continue to hold space in our lives causes more damage than it is worth.

While it is hard to let go of people you’re attached to and you might want to help them, you have to keep your own wellbeing in mind, period. At the end of the day protecting yourself is the most important thing in this regard. Allowing yourself to suffer so that someone else can have their way or walk all over you is complete rubbish and you should never let it happen. 

Life is too short to spend it letting someone make your decisions for you or being willing to let them ruin your happiness. Whether they’re friends, family, or lovers toxic people do not deserve a place by your side. You should be cultivating connections with people who want to help you better yourself in the long-run and no less.

If you cannot get through to them then letting them go is your best option, point-blank. Toxic people will always defend their version of the truth until they cannot any further and even then still will try to sway you. If you’re too close to someone who is belittling you, trying to control you, always bringing you down, or even just taking advantage of your kindness as a whole they need to be cut out of your life. 

You deserve better and you need to be aware of that. We as human beings need to be able to properly care for and support one another. If people in your life are not able to do that for you in return for all you do for them, move on from them. No, you don’t owe them an explanation but you do owe yourself a better connection. The best way to deal with a toxic person is to make sure you’re no longer forced to deal with them at all.