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While we would like for toxic people to change and really learn to admit when they’ve done something wrong, we cannot force them to do that. They must grow as people on their own otherwise things will never truly be as they should be. 

Toxic people while in their toxic state are not going to be willing to take responsibility for anything. They will always blame their wrongdoings on others and honestly, that’s something we should be very aware of. Toxic people are not people we should expect much from. They are overly manipulative and usually always have some kind of hidden agenda their pushing. 

In this world, we all mess up sometimes but what sets us apart from toxic people is that when we make mistakes we deal with them on our own. While toxic people will throw others under the bus and come up with excuse after excuse, we will just speak our truths and move forward in all possible ways. Toxic people are not the kinds of people we need to be allowing close and that should be clear for a lot of reasons.

The more you try to force a toxic person into admitting to something that you know without a doubt they’ve done the further away from achieving that you become. Toxic people refuse to change and really work to better themselves because they think they’re already perfect as they are. They see themselves as not capable of doing wrong and helping them to see the truth is a big waste of your time. 

Honestly, when we find ourselves face to face with someone who is toxic we should cut ties and leave them as well as their manipulative tactics in the past. Life goes on whether we bring them with us or not, and we’re honestly better off without them. I know cutting ties can be hard but sometimes it’s the best option for us. 

We should all work to surround ourselves with people who are genuine. Wasting your time on someone who only wants to deceive you is going to hurt you more in the end. Sure, you might care for this toxic person but at the end of the day, your feelings are not going to be enough to make this person see the light.

In relationships and friendships overall, we must be willing to admit our wrongdoings and grow from them. We have lots of lessons to learn separately and together and toxic people cannot learn those lessons no matter how much you want them to. True growth has to come from within and until they come to terms with their inner truths, that isn’t going to happen.