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Toxic people never see things as they are. They always go out of their way to avoid owning up to the things they do and say.

Toxic people will always do anything they can to shift blame and the more aware we are of this the better. Just because they constantly go over things and try to trick you into thinking you’ve caused the issue at hand doesn’t mean they’re right. If you ever do get an apology from someone who is toxic, just know it’s not sincere. They don’t actually see the error in their ways and they just overall want you to do something for them.

Toxic people love to play games and they are constantly trying to make themselves out as victims when they’re not victims at all. They will only do things for others if it means they get something out of it. While spotting toxic people might not be easy at first, the more you pick up on their patterns the clearer their issues become in your own eyes.

Psychology Today wrote as follows on toxic people:

Toxic people can spread unhappiness and personal suffering. They ultimately poison things with which they come in touch: other people, careers, businesses, marriages, and especially children. These people are often virtually immune to insight, remorse, or lasting positive change. I’m not talking about people with criminal personalities, but rather people who live and work with us every day.

I know, you might want to be there for the people in your life but if they’re toxic, they’re not worth your time or efforts. They only cause more pain and suffering and in the end, you’re the one hurting because of the things they do. They don’t think about how much devastation they cause and they only want to get more out of you and then jump ship when you need them.

Stop playing the blame game and letting toxic people bring you down. If they’re wasting your time stop allowing them so close. Distance comes in handy more than most people realize. Cutting ties can be hard but it can also be very important. You deserve to be surrounded by people who show you they care and own up to the things they do wrong. We should be learning from our mistakes, not passing the blame onto other people, remember that when something along these lines happens.