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Just because a toxic person doesn’t want to give you the love that you deserve doesn’t mean they’re going to let you go easily. Toxic people are sneaky, and they will do anything they see fit to get what they feel they need out of you. 

The more chances you give toxic people the deeper in their lies you will find yourself. Toxic people come in all shapes and sizes, they don’t care about your feelings and will only be kind to you when it works to benefit them. Nothing you have with a toxic person is real and the sooner you realize that the better. 

Toxic people don’t want you to move on, they want to keep you in their grasp for as long as possible because they feel they can get things from you by being near you. As long as they feel that you have something to offer them, they will do their best to keep you in their clutches. Being aware of toxic people in this day and age can be crucial.

Psychology Today wrote as follows on toxic people:

Just as the environment has its toxins, humanity includes people who consistently do toxic things. Recognizing and avoiding toxic people is an essential skill to learn as early in life as possible.

Toxic people can spread unhappiness and personal suffering. They ultimately poison things with which they come in touch: other people, careers, businesses, marriages, and especially children. These people are often virtually immune to insight, remorse, or lasting positive change. I’m not talking about people with criminal personalities, but rather people who live and work with us every day.

There are at least four basic types of toxic people: the narcissistic-aggressive person, the “frenemy,” the negative-complaining person, and the seductive, overly-dramatic person. Let’s take a closer look and see if you can recognize any of these folks in your daily life.

The more you give to the toxic person the more they will demand from you. They will never give back to the connection at all and the more time you spend with them the more they will drain you. Just because they come back to tell you exactly what you want to hear doesn’t mean they’ve changed. 

At the end of the day when someone changes they will show you that they have changed rather than wasting time saying they’ll do better over and over again. Pick and choose the people you place in your life wisely. Not everyone deserves to remain by your side.