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Love advice can easily be found on the internet, in books, and from pretty much anyone who is in a relationship. However, the advice is meaningless if it comes from someone without experience or true knowledge of what makes a great relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi, a 95-year-old pair, are a couple that knows quite a lot about love and relationships. They have been married for over 72 years, and are still going strong. The retired couple lives in Florida, where they have retired and now enjoy walking and talking to each other outside, playing cards, and eating Mrs. Lombardi’s home-cooked Italian dinners.

When speaking with YourTango, the couple offered 14 major tips that they believe are the reason their marriage has thrived for over 7 decades.

1. Choose love, even when it isn’t easy.

In relationships, there will be moments in which it is not easy to be together. No two people will be happy with each other all of the time, and in these moments, the Lombardi’s says to choose love.

2. Compliment each other often.

Don’t ever pass up on a chance to compliment your partner. Even if it’s on something simple, or something you’ve said a million times – compliment them.

3. Keep the intimacy alive.

Even at 95-years-old, these two know how important intimacy is. While it may not be priority number one, it’s important, folks.

4. Stay near family.

Another tip they share is to make sure to stay near family. According to them, it makes growing old together and raising children together much easier.

5. Enjoy good food, but watch your sugar.

While the couple rides their bikes daily, even in their 90’s, they know that good food is important. Especially homemade food made in a comforting home shared as a family.

6. Don’t cheat.

Regardless of whether it’s emotional cheating or physical cheating, don’t do it. They say that if you choose to commit to someone, you should remain faithful.

7. Don’t go to bed mad.

Rather than going to bed mad, they say to just kiss. While it may not seem simple at the moment, it is. Let it go, choose to not go to bed angry, lean over and kiss your partner and as stated above, choose love, even when it’s difficult.

8. Know that it’s okay to argue.

And understand that there will be times in which you won’t agree. When those times arise, sit down and hear each other out. And then, put it behind you.

9. Respect one another.

In good times and in bad, the couple insists on always maintaining a level of respect for each other. There are few things more important than cherishing and admiring the person you love.

10. Keep a nice home.

Additionally, the couple insists to have a comforting, and clean home to share. They believe that if your home is messy and chaotic, it’s likely that your life is as well.

11. Be good parents.

While the couple says that it’s better not to pressure your kids, they do believe that placing value on your child’s future is very important. They also believe that taking care of them and showing them that you love them is fundamental to your relationship not only with your kids but your partner.

12. Marry good genes.

I think this one speaks for itself.

13. Make sure you have shared beliefs.

Oftentimes, people get married and have opposite values and beliefs, which can be a problem. The couple says that it’s important to allow your beliefs to bring you together, rather than pulling you apart, and to share your values with your children.

14. Take the good with the bad.

No one is ever going to be 100% perfect. That’s where unconditional love comes in, and that’s why it’s important to embrace your partner on their good days, as well as the bad days.