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There are good and bad things about each and every zodiac sign. Whether you want to admit it or not, you as well as everyone else have downsides.

When we look at our zodiac signs and the things that make up our personality in regards, we tend to look at only the positive all the while ignoring the things we could work on to make our lives better. For instance, if you’re a Cancer you could stop giving second chances to people who do not deserve them and if you’re a Taurus you could learn to let go from time to time. While it isn’t easy, making small changes can benefit you in some drastic ways.

Below I am going to go over the worst 3 traits about each zodiac sign and what makes those traits bad for those born under each sign. While some things might be fine for others when you have them conflicting your positive traits and bringing you down, growth is necessary. That all having been said, none of this makes any of the zodiac signs bad or means that any of them are better than the rest.

Top 3 Worst Personality Traits Of Each Zodiac Signs:

Aries (Selfish, Impulsive, and Impatient)

As an Aries, you are usually only thinking of yourself and doing things you want to do. While you work very hard you also don’t tend to make time for the people you care for and when you do anything you always seem to be in a rush. It’s like you completely lack any patience at all. Being around you can be quite frustrating for these reasons.

Taurus (Jealous, Stubborn, and Possessive)

As a Taurus, you are very possessive of those closest to you in life. You have set ideas in your mind that you refuse to budge on and you expect everyone to do as you say even when they have no reason to. When it comes to love being with you is also quite hard because of how jealous you become romantically. You make mountains out of molehills, constantly.

Gemini (Anxious, Superficial, and Too Outspoken)

As a Gemini, you are quite the outspoken individual which for all isn’t bad but for many can be a lot. People tend to ask you to be quiet a lot and you focus on your appearance a bit more than you should. There are lots of conflicting traits within the Gemini so narrowing it down to just three was a big task. Something most do not know about the Gemini is that he/she tends to be quite anxious. They face this to an extent that in many ways keeps them from taking chances.

Cancer (Moody, Overly Clingy, and Unpredictable)

As a Cancer, you are a very moody and clingy person. No one ever knows what kind of mood you’re going to be in and you tend to either give too much or not at all. You’re the kind of person that no one is able to really understand and it gets under your skin more than you could ever care to explain.

Leo (Arrogant, Lazy, and Full Of Pride)

As a Leo, you are of course quite full of pride. You feel as though you never do anything wrong and usually act as though you are better than everyone else. That having been said, you expect the world to wait on you hand and foot which also makes you very lazy.

Virgo (Judgmental, Overly Critical, and Slow)

As a Virgo, you are quite critical of the people in your life you are always saying something to get under their skin and in the end judging them. While you might feel like you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re really damaging your connections. It should also be noted that you never get in a hurry, even when you’re on a deadline you take things far slower than you should.

Libra (Unreliable, Manipulative, and Lazy)

As a Libra, you’re one of the more unmotivated zodiac signs. You are not usually capable of following through on the things you say you’re going to do and you usually use other people to get what you want. You are always doing what you feel you need to do to keep yourself doing nothing at all.

Scorpio (Possessive, Resentful and Secretive)

As a Scorpio, you’re a bit of a double-edged blade. You can be quite resentful and possessive at the same time all the while holding tons of secrets. You never let anyone in unless they’ve proven themselves to you which is great but these mind-games are something that has got to stop.

Sagittarius (Careless, Brutal, and Boastful)

As a Sagittarius, you are usually quite careless. You always move through life bragging about the things you’ve accomplished all the while tearing others down. You are a very brutal person who doesn’t think much about the emotions of the people around you.

Capricorn (Detached, Moody, and Shy)

As a Capricorn, you are moody and shy but also unable to really connect with the people in your life. You detach yourself from the world around you and usually live in a little bubble. This is not healthy.

Aquarius (Inconsistent, Extreme, and Stubborn)

As an Aquarius, you are very inconsistent. No one can ever count on you for the things they need you for and you’re always doing something extreme. As if that wasn’t enough you’re quite stubborn as well making you quite the headache to deal with.

Pisces (Moody, Overly Influenceable, and Unrealistic)

As a Pisces, you tend to lock yourself in your own mind. You’re overly influenceable and the people around you change you drastically. You become quite moody overall and are in many ways unrealistic in how you plan to move forward. You just don’t take things as seriously as you should and it shows.