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We all know that relationships can be complicated even during the best of times, but it is better to know what makes your partner or potential partner shy away when it comes to certain things. When it comes to dating and relationships, each zodiac sign has certain things that they find to be a bit of a turn-off.

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For some poor hygiene can be a repellent for others, chewing loudly can make them curl up into the very depths of their soul. So let’s take a look at what really makes your partner or potential partner cringe, shall we?

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Turn-offs: Manipulation, control-freaks, overbearing personalities and anyone trying to change them.

The Aries tends to run away even at the thought of someone trying to change them. Things could be going great but when manipulations comes into play they are out.


Turn-offs: Complaining constantly, drama and lying to their face.

The Taurus hate people who are constantly in their face. Their tempers will not allow them to get close to anyone who is constantly complaining or in their face about petty things. They hate drama and run away at the first sign of it.


Turn-offs: arrogance, selfishness and being unwilling to compromise.

Cancers hate people who only think of themselves. They are generous and giving and like to be in the company of people who are the same. They look for partners who care about things other than themselves. If someone has a ‘me, me, me’ personality the Cancer will run the other way as fast as they can.


Turn-offs: Party-poopers, negativity, and people who try and hold them back.

For the Gemini, negativity is their biggest turn-off, without a doubt. They want a relationship that is fun and upbeat, not full of negativity. They also look for a partner who is with them every step of the way, never express doubt when they have an idea.


Turn-offs: Constant negativity, selfishness, and patronizing behavior.

Leo is uninterested in people who try and kill their good mood. They love a party and are optimistic in almost all situations. If someone tries to have a conflict with them, they have to get out of the situation. Leo is looking for someone who compliments their desires, not someone who is constantly putting them down.


Turn-offs: Bad hygiene, gross habits, and laziness.

The Virgo craves a clean environment, it helps them think better. They look for those clean habits in their partners as well. If you clip your toenails and leave the clippings on your nightstand or chew with your mouth open you are better off hitting the road than sticking around. Another thing that Virgos hate is laziness, they want a partner, not a child.


Turn-offs: Confrontation, drama, and negativity.

The Libra does not have the time or want for confrontation. If you are a person who is constantly looking for a fight you better turn the other way, because Libra is not putting up with your BS.


Turn-offs: Dishonesty, unfaithfulness, and disloyalty.

The Scorpio is a very loyal and faithful partner and they look for the same in their partners. They can smell a lie from a mile away, and if you try to double-cross them you better be ready to get stung.


Turn-offs: Repetitiveness, deception and controlling personalities.

The Sagittarius hates the normal, boring and mundane lifestyle that normally comes along with relationships. They want a partner who is outgoing and who loves to have fun. If you want a mundane life where you are in control, it is better to find another partner.


Turn-offs: Self-centered people, Know-it-alls, and Huge Egos.

The Capricorn is not impressed by people who are all about themselves. If you have a big ego or like to voice your opinion even when you know you are wrong, look the other way.


Turn-offs: Clinginess, High demands, and overly needy people.

The Aquarius gets turned off fast when it comes to overly clingy people. They like their freedom and even in a committed relationship, they need a partner who knows when to leave them alone. They need and expect space to breathe and if you do not give it to them they are going to turn away from you.


Turn-offs: Close-mindedness, mean-spiritedness, and bossy behavior.

The Pisces is turned off by people who are too bossy. They like things to go smoothly not just how the other person wants them to be. If you are a person who is constantly looking for an argument or who likes to tell others what to do the Pisces is not the partner for you.

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