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Everyone makes mistakes! However, when it comes to relationships and specifically, marriages, there are some mistakes you can rarely recover from.

Admittedly, there may be a small percentage of couples that make it through the following, but they are very few and far between, and the ones that do, do not come out unscuffed. With that being said, if you are tempted to do any of the following, you may want to ask yourself, is it worth it? If I lose the person I love for something so meaningless, will it be worth it? Ultimately, it is up to you, but research shows, it may be best to proceed with caution.

1. Stopping love-making altogether.

Yes, physical isn’t everything. We all know that. However, the human body is created to desire physical contact. If one partner or both decide they no longer desire physical love with their partner, eventually it’s likely infidelity will follow. And this information comes from a divorce attorney.

2. Getting too comfortable.

While relationships should be comforting, when we settle in and stop trying, all hell can break loose. Eventually, one or both partner takes the other for granted, and honestly, we all know what follows suit.

3. Failing to save money.

While money doesn’t solve everything, it does pay the bills. And adding the stress of missed mortgage payments and no grocery funds to the everyday stresses of life and love doesn’t help things one bit.

4. Disrespecting one another.

Whether you are undermining your partner’s parenting decisions, or going behind their back and doing things you know are disrespectful, ultimately this will lead to divorce. You cannot treat your partner as though they are beneath you and expect things to go well.

5. Codependency

Codependent couples form jealous bonds that ultimately cause conflict. If you believe you cannot live without your partner in the same room as you for long enough for them to lead their own life, you are headed for trouble. Almost always there will be issues of control and toxic trauma bonds involved in this form of relationship.

6. Relying on intimacy alone.

If your relationship is only good when the love-making is, you are headed for disaster. Good physical love is all fine and dandy, but without any form of connection, the relationship won’t last.

7. Not fighting.

Fighting isn’t great, but it does help couples to work things out and it shows how much passion the two partners have for one another and their relationship. Frequent fights will lead to an end, yes, but no fights will much faster!

8. Expecting too much.

You are a human that makes mistakes, and so is your partner. Do not hold your partner to unrealistic expectations, or you may find they fold inwards to the pressure, and end up straying away.

9. Stop evolving.

As people, our whole lives should be spent bettering ourselves. And when we stop, in our self-work and our relationships, trouble is likely to follow.

10. Adding other parties into the mix.

Married couples tend to let their parents, siblings, or friends opinions in so much that they hinder any progress they have in their marital conflicts. Instead, their friends/family intervene, leaving the other partner, or both partners feeling betrayed. In turn, mixed communications and frustration inevitably lead to an early divorce.