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Children never cease to amaze and this one sure has the world blown away. While dancing might seem boring to some, to this little boy it appears to be something he truly loves.

This little boy is just 2-years-old and his name is William Stokkbroe. When I first saw this video I was blown away. Passion like that is not something that you see often and it is something we can only hope he sticks with. After seeing him dance, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

In this video, you will see young William running onto the dance floor and busting all of his moves. He is literally dancing like the floor was made for him. While this video is older, it has been viral many times over and makes its rounds quite frequently. It is something that I feel everyone should see a few times in their lives.

William’s parents are dancers of Studie43 and he shares the same love for dancing that they do. He took his time learning the moves and executed them well when the time came for him to present himself. This video has been watched over 30 million times on YouTube alone.

This video not only shows us how adorable and wholesome children can be, but it also shows us that they can do more than we think. Even at such a young age this boy was putting his mind to things and getting them done.

(Image Via: Studie43/youtube)