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While it might seem impossible to overcome the things you’ve experienced in this life, you are capable of doing exactly that. Sure, it’s hard and a bit uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying your hardest.

Whether the trauma you’re experiencing trouble with was something from your childhood or an event or situation that occurred during your time as an adult, it is still real and is something that will feel as if it happened yesterday regardless of how long it has been. The more you try to repress it the harder it is going to become to deal with and truly move on from. You are much stronger than you realize and if you really put forth the effort needed, you can overcome anything this world has placed before you.

The most important thing about moving on from trauma or beginning to work towards that is accepting the feelings that stem from that trauma and working through them. Bottling them inside and refusing the feel them will only cause you more pain as time passes.

Just because you work to hide these emotions and suppress them entirely doesn’t mean they’re just going to disappear. It merely means that they are hidden inside of you causing you more pain than they are worth. They make themselves known at the worst possible times and never truly dissolve because you refuse to allow them to. From here they poison everything within you and leave you feeling quite out of place.

When it comes to accepting emotional distress or negative emotions as a whole you have to be willing to see them in a more proper manner. Rather than taking them at face value, dig a little deeper. What does this feeling teach you and how can you learn from it? While negative emotions are perfectly normal most people for some reason are quite unaware of how useful their presence can be.

In regards to all of this CCI.Health.WA.GOV.AU wrote as follows on the topic:

Another way you might start to see your emotions differently is to recognize that your emotions are not permanent. Instead, you might start to consider your emotions as changing experiences that are always fluctuating but eventually pass. When we feel distressed it can seem like the distress is going to go on and on forever, just getting worse and worse, until we emotionally combust. But we know this isn’t how emotions work. Instead, emotions act more like a wave, at times increasing and becoming more intense but inevitably always reaching some plateau, subsiding and finally passing.

Some times the emotion may rear up again, setting off another wave or smaller ripple. But the key is that emotions move and change, they are not permanent. This is particularly so when you don’t fight against and try to block the emotion. Sometimes just being able to remind yourself that emotions pass like a wave, may allow you to better tolerate whatever upsetting feelings you are experiencing.

Accepting these feelings and facing them so that you can heal and move on isn’t about putting yourself through that pain again or making yourself uncomfortable. It is about working to resign yourself from those feelings and building a mindset and inner voice that no longer has to move through this world in a ‘miserable’ manner. A lot of people who work with this kind of thing do-so through meditation and mindfulness.

For those who do not know mindfulness is a state of being where you are present in the moment. Through cultivating this and being alone/free with yourself and your truest thoughts you can do anything you truly want to. For more information on this please feel free to check out the video below. Address the feelings, let them go, and allow yourself to heal.