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I know I might not say it all the time but the things you’ve done for me and the fact that you’re still by my side mean the world to me. Without you, I would feel so much more alone and I don’t know where I would be right now.

I might not be completely normal all the time and I might have some serious ups and downs but you’ve always stuck around. You’ve accepted that this was not something I could just make go away and given me validation for the first time in my life. When I finally opened up to you, you told me that I didn’t sound crazy but that you could tell I was really going through something and well, I was.

If you hadn’t remained adamant about me getting further help, I probably never would have. You’ve made some of the biggest differences in my life and while you might not know that, I want you to be aware of my appreciation. You knew that there was a sense of urgency in my voice and that I was tired of fighting.

Somehow you convinced me to keep going and now I am so much better as a result. You reminded me every single day that you needed me as much as I needed you and you told me this world would be a terrible place if I were not in it. You kept me going, time after time.

I know I put a lot more on you than I should have and now I am doing my best to make that right. You were probably very weighed down by my baggage but you held it well and helped me get it to where it needed to be so that I could let go of it. When everyone else had given up on me, you never did.

I am so much more thankful for you than you could ever imagine. The things you’ve done in my life for me will never be forgotten and I can only hope someday I am able to repay you properly. Life is a lot better now and even though I still struggle sometimes I am so much stronger knowing that you’re by my side.

Things are getting better and you deserve a big “Thank You”. You’re a wonderful influence in my life and without you who knows where I would be right now. Things might not always be as positive as we would like for them to be, but we always make it through.

You are an angel, and I am so grateful to have you in my life.